Apply for a Percent for Green Grant

Percent for Green grants help fund large-scale green infrastructure projects that benefit watershed health and the community. Learn more about how to apply on this page.

Step 1. Submit a pre-application.

The pre-application form will ask you to briefly describe your project and how it meets the program selection criteria. Find more information on eligible projects and the selection criteria. You will also need to identify the fiscal agent for your project and the property owner. Please discuss your project with them. Letters of support from the property owner and fiscal agent are required with the full application.

Submit the completed pre-application.

  • By mail: Call the Grant Coordinator for instructions.
  • By email: Email completed applications to the Grant Coordinator.

Upon receiving your pre-application, the Grant Coordinator will notify you that your submission is under review.

Step 2: Complete the Full Application

Once the Grant Coordinator notifies you that your pre-application was approved, begin to complete the full application.

The full application will ask you to prepare and compile the following information:

  • Map – Attach a map ( is a useful reference) with the project site clearly marked. You may submit more than one map.
  • Catchment Area – A map indicating the runoff-generating area that will be managed by your project.
  • Photos – Include two or three photos of your project area.
  • Site Plan – If possible, include a drawing, diagram, or map that describes the proposed improvements, such as location of the stormwater facility showing how the water will get there.
  • Letters of Support – All projects require a letter of support from:
    • The fiscal agent – This is someone within your organization or a partner organization who can handle the money and insurance.
    • The property owner(s) – To determine the property owner of a parcel of land, look up the parcel at
    • For schools, parks, and right-of-way projects – If your project is at a Portland public school, in a Portland park, or in the right-of-way, you will need additional letter(s) of support from representative(s) of that organization.
      • Portland Public School projects require letters of support from both the school principal and the school district’s point of contact. Contact Aaron Presberg, Portland Public Schools, (503) 916-3279, For projects at other schools please ask the Grant Coordinator for the district point of contact.
      • For projects located in a Portland Parks & Recreation park or natural area, contact Maija Spencer, (503) 823-5593, at least three to four weeks in advance of submitting your application.
      • For transportation-related stormwater and landscaping projects in the right-of-way such as landscape (or planting) strips, green streets, and traffic circles or triangles, contact Colleen Mitchell, 503-865-6589,
  • Additional letters of support are recommended, if applicable.
    • Partners contributing substantial or critical resources to your project.
    • Technical experts indicating that your project is feasible (particularly relevant for green streets and ecoroofs).


Percent for Green Grant Coordinator

Colleen Mitchell
phone number503-865-6589For questions about your project, the Percent for Green grant program, or the application process