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About Percent for Green Grants

Photo shows a structure on the left with an ecoroof and a bioswale planted with grasses and shrubs.
The Percent for Green grant program is open to community groups who would like to complete large-scale green infrastructure projects that provide broad benefits for watershed health and the community. Projects usually take about two years to complete.
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Environmental Services manages Portland’s wastewater and stormwater infrastructure to protect public health and the environment and to preserve and restore the health of Portland’s watersheds. The Percent for Green grant helps fund large-scale green infrastructure projects that provide broad benefits for watershed health and the community. This grant program funds these projects because they help support and protect the public’s sewer and stormwater systems.

Percent for Green projects often include more than one green infrastructure improvement, such as removing pavement, adding rain gardens, constructing green streets, or completing large-scale drainage improvements to fix standing water issues. Environmental Services works with grantees to develop and implement projects that will deliver system, community, and health benefits for one or more of Portland’s watersheds.

Amount of Funding

The amount of funding varies by project category:

  • Community Groups: Up to $200,000
  • Schools: Up to $350,000
  • City Bureaus and Agencies: Amount varies

The program will also consider projects with merit outside this range. Contact the Grant Coordinator if you think your project may be outside the funding range. 

Please see the Percent for Green Eligibility page for more information on who and what types of projects are eligible.

Application Timeline

The application review and due dates vary by project category:

  • Community Groups: Reviewed annually. Pre-applications are due September 1, and full applications are due November 1.
  • Schools: Reviewed two times a year. Pre-applications are accepted anytime, and full applications are due May 1 and November 1.
  • City Bureaus and Agencies: Timeline varies. Please contact the Grant Coordinator.

Matching Funds

Ten percent of your budget must be met with matching funds (donations from private and public groups).*

Matching funds demonstrate support for your project and strengthen your proposal. Matching funds may be in-kind or cash. In-kind donations are donations of products and services, including volunteer time and labor. Cash donations are donations of money, generally for a specific budget item. Discuss the options for your project with the Grant Coordinator if you don’t think you can find matching resources.

*Ten percent match is encouraged but not required for community groups.

Delivery and Use of Awarded Funds

Awarded funds are paid through reimbursement. To request payment, the fiscal agent of the project must submit invoices and copies of receipts for approved budget items. Applicants need to have the ability to cover costs upfront or to partner with a fiscal agent who has that ability. The Grant Coordinator can help connect prospective applicants with fiscal agent organizations upon request. Learn more about fiscal agents and what they do.

Projects should be completed and funds spent within two years following execution of the contract/agreement. In some cases, more time may be needed. Contact the Grant Coordinator if your project might take more than two years or if you’re not sure.


Percent for Green Grant Coordinator

Colleen Mitchell
phone number503-865-6589For questions about your project, the Percent for Green grant program, or the application process