About the Community Watershed Stewardship Grant Program

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The Community Watershed Stewardship Program (CWSP) supports Portland community groups and residents who want to improve the health of Portland watersheds. Grants up to $12,000 are awarded to eligible projects on an annual basis.
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Environmental Services manages Portland’s wastewater and stormwater infrastructure to protect public health and the environment and preserve and restore the health of Portland’s watersheds. CWSP works with community groups to implement projects that benefit watershed health and the community. The program is a partnership between Environmental Services and Portland State University, Indigenous Nations Studies Department.

Case studies of past projects can be downloaded and viewed here.

Amount of Grant

CWSP can provide up to $12,000 for projects that protect and enhance Portland’s watersheds and neighborhoods and/or provide environmental education. Please see the list of eligible project categories.

Matching funds (donations from private and public groups) are not required but are useful in demonstrating support for your project. Matching funds may be in-kind or cash. In-kind donations are donations of products and services and include volunteer time and labor. Cash donations are donations of money, generally for a specific budget item.

Grant Application and Timeline

Applying for a CWSP grant is a two-step process starting with a pre-application. The selection committee reviews pre-applications and then invites successful applicants to complete a full application. Learn more about the application process.

Grants are awarded to eligible projects on an annual basis. All project components must be complete and grant funds must typically be spent between September 1 through June 30 of the respective grant year. For grants in the 2023-2024 grant year, projects must start when a contract with Environmental Services is ready and June 30, 2024.

Delivery of Awarded Funds

CWSP reimburses grantees once or twice per contract. Projects may not start without fully authorized grant agreements. To request payment of the grant expenses, the grantee or their fiscal agent must submit invoices and copies of receipts for approved budget items only. Grantees need to have the ability to cover costs upfront or partner with a fiscal agent who has that ability. CWSP staff can assist with connecting prospective grantees with fiscal agent organizations upon request. Learn more about fiscal agents and what they do.

More Information, Resources, or Assistance

CWSP grants are intended to be accessible to everyone and strive to support grant applicants as much as possible. Contact a CWSP Coordinator for help with developing project proposals, providing resources such as technical assistance, connecting with partner organizations, and other support you may need as you prepare for your application. Find CWSP Coordinator contact information on this page.

Additional resources, such as case studies, insurance examples, and forms are also available for download.