Register for Clean River Rewards

If the rain that runs off your roof, driveway, or parking lot safely soaks into the ground on your property instead of running into the sewer or stormwater system, you may be eligible to receive a discount on your water, sewer, and stormwater bill. Register for the Clean River Rewards program here.

Completing residential registration should take 5 to 10 minutes. The commercial form should take 15 to 30 minutes to complete.

Please note: If you were already registered for a Clean River Rewards discount before July 1, 2024, you do not need to re-register your water/sewer/stormwater account to maintain your discount. Your discount percentage will be automatically updated. If you currently receive a 100 percent discount, expect to see a 35 percent discount, which has the same monetary value. If you have additional questions, please visit the Clean River Rewards FAQ page.

Register Online

Online registration is only available for residential customers with single-family, duplex, triplex, and quadruplex accounts. Commercial and multifamily customers must register by mail or email.

You will need a account to register. You will be asked to log in or create an account.

Register online

Register by Mail or Email

Step 1. Download and Complete an Application Form

Residential Registration Forms (includes houses and duplexes)

Commercial Registration Forms (includes commercial, industrial, institutional, and multifamily properties)

Step 2. Mail or Email Completed Form


Mailing address:
Clean River Rewards
664 N Tillamook St
Portland, OR 97227-1828