Storm damage recovery

Receiving Your Clean River Rewards Discount

Once you've met Clean River Rewards qualifications and submitted the appropriate registration form, what happens next?

Site Visits

For single-family or duplex properties, site visits are not required before processing a registration. However, we may contact you for a site visit after registration to confirm that information on your form is correct.  

If you sign up as a commercial, multifamily residential, industrial, or institutional property, we will review your registration before processing it. Our review includes records research and a site visit to confirm accurate information. We will work with you through this process to make sure everything is accurate.  


For both types of accounts, you’ll receive a letter in the mail once your registration has been processed. This letter will let you know how much of a discount has been added to your account. You’ll also start seeing a new Clean River Rewards line item on your bill. This will show the percentage of the discount as well as the actual dollar amount subtracted from that bill.

Graphic shows a sample water, sewer, stormwater bill. The Clean River Rewards discount is circled in red and shows a discount of 100% of the on-site stormwater charges.
Your Clean River Rewards discount will start showing up on your sewer/stormwater/water bill.

To keep the discount, the stormwater management facilities on your property must be properly maintained and operated.

The discount is linked to your unique sewer, stormwater, and water account number, rather than the property address. This means that if the name on your account changes or if you move, you will have to re-register for the discount using updated account information.