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Does the rain that falls on your property safely soak into the ground instead of going into the city's sewer and stormwater system? You could receive a discount on the stormwater portion of your City of Portland water, sewer, and stormwater bill. Learn more about the discount program on this page.
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Please note: If you were already registered for a Clean River Rewards discount before July 1, 2024, you do not need to re-register your water/sewer/stormwater account to maintain your discount. Your discount percentage will be automatically updated. If you currently receive a 100 percent discount, expect to see a 35 percent discount, which has the same monetary value. If you have additional questions, please visit the Clean River Rewards FAQ page.

Water that runs off roofs and other hard surfaces (also known as stormwater) can pick up pollution on its way to our rivers and streams. Unmanaged stormwater can cause erosion, flooding, sewer backups, and combined sewer overflows. When you manage the rain on your property, you help keep our rivers clean.

About Clean River Rewards

Clean River Rewards offers a discount on the stormwater charges of your bill when you safely manage the stormwater on your property and keep it out of the city's sewer and stormwater pipes. To qualify for a Clean River Rewards discount, your property must have safe solutions in place to manage stormwater on your property. Find information about the different ways to manage the rain on your property.

You can receive a full or partial discount depending on how much rain safely soaks into the ground on your property.

The discount may be up to 35 percent of your total stormwater fee. If your property receives the full discount, that means you are safely managing all of the stormwater on your property. The other 65 percent of the stormwater fee helps pay for the shared stormwater system we all rely on.

How to Qualify

To qualify for Clean River Rewards, your property must have one or more safe stormwater management solutions in place. The following solutions qualify for a Clean River Rewards discount:

  • Rain gardens, swales, lawns, or landscaped areas. These planted areas collect rain runoff from roofs and paved areas. To qualify for the discount, the area of the ground receiving the water must be at least 10 percent of the area of the roof and paved area that drains to it. 
  • Drywells, French drains, or soakage trenches. These solutions are buried underground and help water soak into the ground on your property. A permit may be required to install this type of solution.
  • Stormwater planters or basins. These spaces collect stormwater runoff and let it soak into the ground. Some have a built-in overflow pipe to allow for some discharging to the sewer.
  • Ecoroofs. These alternatives to conventional roofs have a layer of plants and soil on top of a waterproof membrane.
  • Trees. Trees help lessen the total amount of rain that runs off your property. The number of trees on your property over 15 feet tall or the square footage of canopy cover count toward a portion of a discount. The trees must be on your property, not the public parking strip. For more information on how to measure your trees, please see the frequently asked questions.

Register for Clean River Rewards

Sign up for Clean River Rewards. Once you've met Clean River Rewards qualifications and submitted the appropriate registration, find more information about what happens next.

How Much Could You Save?

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