Neighborhood to the River Grant Approval and Project Implementation

Congratulations! Your project has been selected to receive a Neighborhood to the River grant. Find out more about what to do during project implementation and completion.
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Terms and Conditions

Grant recipients will receive a contract that sets out the terms and conditions of the funding. This confirms all parties’ understanding of the project and establishes the scope of the work and the maximum grant amount to which the applicant is entitled.

Reporting Requirements

Grant recipients are expected to regularly check in with the Grant Coordinator throughout the course of their project. Recipients will be required to complete a mid-term report on the progress of the project. Recipients will also be required to submit a final report detailing the project’s performance.

Payment of Grant

Funds are available after your grant agreement with the City is finalized (signed by all parties). To request payment, fiscal agents must submit invoices and copies of receipts for approved budget items.

Project Completion and Final Report

Upon completion of your project, the project coordinator must submit a final report to the Grant Coordinator. Below is an overview of the type of information included in the final report.

  • Project statistics
  • Project summary
  • Project design and benefits
  • Budget summary
  • Successes and lessons learned
  • Images and plans of the project