Bike Tour of Sustainable Stormwater Solutions and Heritage Trees in the Portsmouth Neighborhood

Community Event
Join Environmental Services and Friends of Trees on a bike ride through the Portsmouth Neighborhood to learn more about sustainable stormwater solutions and heritage trees.
Photo shows a group of bike riders stopped next to a green street planter – a rain garden with plants that collects and filters runoff from the nearby street.
1:00 pm 3:00 pm

Looking for a fun and interesting activity to do this summer? Come join this Environmental Services and Friends of Trees bike ride to tour sustainable stormwater solutions and heritage trees in the Portsmouth Neighborhood! Riders will learn the roles that trees, plants, and soils play in preventing flooding, providing habitat for wildlife and people, and keeping our rivers clean. The 5-mile, point-to-point route also gives riders an opportunity to see some of North Portland’s oldest and rarest trees! Join us! Please register for the event by emailing Chase at or calling 503-865-6709.