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Excess Property: 3737 N Emerson and Adjacent Swan Island Boat Ramp

The City of Portland, through the Bureau of Environmental Services, owns the property at 3737 N Emerson and the adjacent Swan Island Boat Ramp. This property is no longer needed for operations.
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Public Comment Period

Per City policy, there will be a minimum of 60 days for public comments.  The comment period will include notice to the Neighborhood and Business Associations that the property resides in, as well as signage posted on site.

The public comment period for this property will run from May 10, 2023 to July 9, 2023.  Comments can be submitted to

Following the public comment period, Environmental Services will submit an ordinance to City Council on the regular agenda. The hearing date for this ordinance will be no earlier than July 24, 2023.  You can sign up for updates through GovDelivery.  These updates will include the council hearing date, when scheduled, as well as other project milestones. 

Property Details

Address: 3737 N Basin Ave

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Property Description

  • Site Details: Site includes a 7.18 acre industrial lot and a 2.82 river recreational lot with a boat ramp and floating dock.
  • Reason for Intent to Dispose: This property is no longer needed for ongoing operations and is excess to the City’s needs.
  • Square footage: 435,600 square feet
  • Acres: 10
  • Tax ID #: R592200, R592199
  • County: Multnomah
  • Zone: IG2
Aerial view of 3737 N Emerson and Swan Island Boat Ramp

 Property Status

  • Appraisal: None conducted
  • Conditions of Sale:
    • Environmental Services: Before the close of the sale, Environmental Services will record springing easements across all bureau infrastructure (sewer and storm pipes) running adjacent to N. Basin Ave.
    • Buyer: As part of the contract and condition of the sale, the buyer will be required to allow public access to the boat ramp and adjacent recreational area (river bank). Buyer will be required to maintain the boat ramp to facilitate this access. Mechanisms and enforcement of this requirement are to be determined.
  • Sales Price: To be determined
  • Sales Date: To be determined


Surplus Property Status

Environmental Services will update this page as the property moves through the process.

Updated: January 10, 2024

StageStart DateCompletion DateActions
1November 2022January 11, 2023

Property Declared Excess. Environmental Services determines the property and structures are no longer needed for on-going operations and are excess to the bureau’s needs.

2February 6, 2023February 27, 2023

Inter-bureau Transfer or Sale. Environmental Services property staff notifies and sends specific details to the Real Property Coordinator that a specific property is excess and no longer needed for bureau use. Within seven calendar days, written notification on its potential availability is sent to other City bureaus, offices, and Council offices. Each City bureau, office and Council office may provide a written response within 21 calendar days indicating whether or not the bureau or office is interested in the property.

3February 28, 2023March 8, 2023

Extension Opportunity. Request for extension by a City Bureau.

4April 20, 2023April 20, 2023

Website Announcement
The available surplus property for sale is identified on Environmental Services' excess and surplus property page.

5May 10, 2023July 9, 2023

External Notification. If no City bureau or office indicates interest in acquiring the real property and the originating bureau wishes to proceed with the deposition process, a minimum 60 calendar-day notification period to invite public comment begins. The Real Property Coordinator shall provide written notice of the proposed disposition to the Neighborhood Coalition, Neighborhood Association, and Office of Community and Civic Life of the bureau’s intent to dispose of the property. At this time, the property will be listed on the citywide Excess Real Property webpage. The Real Property Coordinator, in conjunction with the originating bureau, will notify Prosper Portland, Metro, TriMet, the Port of Portland, the county in which the real property is located, the State of Oregon, and any other jurisdictions that have expressed interest in being notified.

6May 10, 2023July 9, 2023

Signage. Environmental Services will place an informational sign on the property identifying it as excess, available for acquisition, and listed for sale to the public if not acquired by a public agency. The sign is posted for a minimum of 60 days.

7May 10, 2023May 10, 2023

Printed Notification. Notification of proposed disposition mailed to those living within 200' feet of the property by the Real Property Coordinator.

8December 20, 2023December 20, 2023

Proposed City Council Date. This is the date planned for action to go to council.

9January 10, 2024January 10, 2024

City Council Declares Property Surplus. If, after the informational sign has been posted for a minimum of 60 days, the public comment period has ended, and no public agency has expressed interest in acquiring the property, Environmental Services prepares an ordinance to be placed on the regular City Council agenda. The ordinance asks council to declare the property surplus and authorize Environmental Services to proceed with a public sale. The Real Property Coordinator will update this page.


Notice to Sale. Upon the effective date of a council ordinance authorizing the sale Environmental Services may proceed to sell the property, with or without a real estate agent, for an asking price determined to be reasonable by the bureau's property manager.


Property Listed. The surplus property is listed for sale with the Regional Multiple List Service (RMLS).


Property Sale. Property is available for sale.

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