Environmental Services Contracting Opportunities

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Doing business with Environmental Services can be a lucrative and rewarding venture. The bureau works with businesses interested in responding to bids or contract opportunities with an emphasis on outreach and support for disadvantaged, service disabled veteran, minority and women-owned businesses.
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Environmental Services offers contracting opportunities for goods and services, construction, and professional services in five major categories.

Wastewater Collection and Resource Recovery Opportunities

We plan, design, construct, monitor, operate, and maintain 98 sewage pump stations, the Columbia Boulevard and Tryon Creek wastewater treatment plants, more than 2,500 miles of pipes, and other assets that collect and recover resources from wastewater and stormwater.

Contracting Opportunities

  • Civil and structural design engineering for wastewater facility, pump station, and sewer rehabilitation construction projects
  • Wastewater facility, pump station, and sewer construction
  • Sewer data collection, review, and condition assessment
  • Sewer maintenance
  • Inspection services

Stormwater Infrastructure and Green Solutions Opportunities

We plan, design, construct, monitor, and maintain stormwater infrastructure, both constructed and natural, including 550 miles of pipes and more than 2,000 green street facilities. Together, these assets reduce pollution, help manage stormwater, and contribute to watershed health.

Contracting Opportunities

  • Design engineering of stormwater facilities
  • Green street and stormwater facility construction and maintenance
  • Stormwater analysis
  • Project permitting 

River and Stream Protection and Restoration Opportunities

We help protect and restore thousands of acres of natural areas and hundreds of miles of urban waterways. We enhance watershed health through urban tree planting, and we work to protect and recover endangered species in Portland.

Contracting Opportunities

  • Drainage, water quality, and habitat enhancement
  • Performance monitoring, analysis, evaluation, and data collection
  • Habitat restoration and enhancement
  • Forestry services including tree planting, invasive weed management, irrigation, seeding, clearing, and grubbing
  • Native plant and seed supply

Business and Customer Support Opportunities

We rely on a wide range of professional and technical services contractors to support our community outreach and education, customer support, workforce development, strategic planning, and other day-to-day operations.

Contracting Opportunities

  • Supplemental staffing
  • Strategic analysis
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Staff training
  • Technical writing
  • Graphic design
  • Photography and videography services
  • Public involvement, outreach, and communications

Pollution Prevention and Investigation Services Opportunities

We regulate commercial, industrial, and residential customers and provide them with services focused on reducing and preventing pollution and degradation of our watersheds. We collect and evaluate environmental data and ensure compliance with permits and environmental regulations.

Contracting Opportunities

  • Remediation of soil, sediment, groundwater, and surface water
  • Contaminated media management
  • Remedial investigation and feasibility studies
  • Hazardous materials survey and cleanup
  • Water quality permit compliance

How to Get Started

The City of Portland sets expectations and streamlines contracting through Procurement Services. For complete information on vendor and contractor requirements see the Vendor/Contractor Handbook: Doing Business with the City.

City Initiatives to Address Inequity in City Contracting

Environmental Services values and supports diversity and inclusion and is dedicated to advancing equity in public contracting by increasing opportunities for State of Oregon certified Disadvantaged Business, Minority-owned, Women-owned, Service-Disabled Veteran, and Emerging Small Business (D/M/W/SDV/ESB) enterprises.

To obtain certification or to identify D/M/W/SDV/ESB subcontractors, contact the State’s Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity.

Read more about Social Equity in Contracting with the City of Portland.

Find Contracting Opportunities

Visit BuySpeed to explore and respond to current contracting opportunities with the City of Portland.


The following organizations support D/M/W/SDV/ESB-certified businesses through certification, technical assistance, access to capital, networking, and advocacy work.

Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID)– Provides D/M/W/ESB/SDV certifications for qualifying vendors.

Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs (OAME) – Find technical assistance, access to capital, and business advocacy for DMWESB firms

National Association of Minority Contractors, Oregon Chapter (NAMCO) – Provides business advocacy for minority-owned construction contractors

Metropolitan Contractor Improvement Partnership (MCIP) – Find technical assistance for minority and women-owned construction contractors

National Utility Contractors Association of Oregon & Southwest Washington (NUCA) – Provides business advocacy for utility construction and excavation industry contractors

Business Diversity Institute (BDI) – Find training for minority and women-owned businesses

Portland Business Development Group (PBDG) – Provides technical assistance and business advocacy for DMWESB contractors in the construction industry

Government Contract Assistance Program (GCAP) – Find procurement technical assistance and general small businesses support

Small Business Administration (SBA) - Oregon Office – Find contracting assistance and general business support