Mandatory Sewer Connections

Most properties in Portland are connected to the City sewer system, but some still use private septic systems. Environmental Services builds new sewer mains to serve more properties and protect the environment. When this happens, property owners may receive a Required Sewer Connection Notice.
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The City’s Role 

Chapter 17.33 of the Portland City Code requires developed properties to connect to the sewer system within three years after sewer service becomes available. The City also provides low-interest loans to finance connection costs and gives some property owners the option of delaying connection in case of financial hardship.

What to Do if You Receive a Required Sewer Connection Notice 

If you receive a Required Sewer Connection Notice, there are several resources you can view to help guide you through the required sewer connection process: 

  1. Research sewer connection costs 
  2. Learn about available financial assistance 
  3. Find a contractor 
  4. Install your private sewer line