Apply for a Sewer Connection or Conversion Loan

Apply for a loan from Environmental Services to finance system development, line, branch, or sewer conversion charges. Loans can also cover the cost of paying a qualified contractor to connect a building or manufactured home to the public sewer system or replace a nonconforming sewer connection.

If you have received notice that your property is required to connect to the public sewer or abandon the use of a nonconforming sewer, you can apply for financial assistance. The City offers several financial assistance options, which are outlined on the Financial Assistance for Sewer Connection and Conversion page. 

To apply for a sewer connection or conversion loan, follow the application steps on this page.

Step 1: Download Loan Application.

For a Private Plumbing Loan, download the following application:

For a Safety Net Loan, download the following application: 

For a System Development Charge Loan, call 503-823-4114 or email This non-qualifying loan can finance sewer line, branch, system development, or sewer conversion charges.

The difference in the type of loans can be found on the Financial Assistance for Sewer Connection and Conversion page.

Step 2: Complete and Submit Application

By mail: 
Required Sewer Connection Program, BES 
1120 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 613 113/400 
Portland, OR 97204 

By email: 


Mailing address

Required Sewer Connection Program, BES
1120 SW 5th Avenue, 113/400
Portland, OR 97204