Clean Rivers Education Resources – Virtual Tours

Image shows a pond with trees surrounding it
Take a tour with us from your home or classroom! Virtually visit Whitaker Ponds, Oaks Bottom, Erroll Heights, or Marshall Park.

Explore Whitaker Ponds with Clean Rivers Education

Join Clean Rivers educators on a virtual visit to Whitaker Ponds Nature Park. Learn about habitats and find clues that riparian animals call Whitaker Ponds home.

Explore Whitaker Ponds (6:12 minutes)
A Clean Rivers Education Production 

Virtual Field Experiences

Portland State University's Science Inquiry in the Outdoor Classroom capstone classes teamed up with Clean Rivers Education to create virtual field experiences. Pan around to immerse yourself in these habitats. Click on the photo, audio, and video icons to discover the plants and animals that call these parks home.

Whitaker Ponds Wildlife Cameras

Students from Alliance High School at Meek teamed up with the Columbia Slough Watershed Council's Slough School and placed wildlife cameras around Whitaker Ponds. Check out Alliance High School's guest blog post about the project and their Whitaker Ponds Wild! trail cam videos.


Environmental Services Clean Rivers Educator – North

Megan Hanson
phone number503-823-8225Contact Megan for schools north of Burnside Street.

Environmental Services Clean Rivers Educator – South

Christa Shier
phone number503-823-8859Contact Christa for schools south of Burnside Street