The Portland Brownfield Program: Helping neighborhoods revitalize contaminated properties since 1998

Collage of images shows old warehouses on vacant lot (left) and new family housing with playground (right)
For more than two decades, the Portland Brownfield Program has provided environmental investigations on more than 80 properties totaling over 110 acres. We support the transformation of brownfields into affordable housing, community space, nonprofit services, small businesses, and green space.

About the Program

The Portland Brownfield Program provides technical and financial assistance to nonprofit and community organizations, small businesses, community members, landowners, and prospective purchasers regarding potentially contaminated land.

The Brownfield Program is not a regulatory agency, and there is no charge for assistance. The program is here because bringing brownfields back into active use has many benefits. By recovering the land, we protect water quality, reduce hazards to human health and the environment, increase the tax base, and provide new neighborhood amenities.

Find more information about a specific site or about buying, selling, or investigating a potential brownfield or contact the Portland Brownfield Program for questions.


Environmental investigations provided by the Portland Brownfield Program have contributed to the development of:

  • 19 parks or green spaces
  • 12 community gardens or urban farms
  • 31 nonprofits
  • 32 small businesses
  • 976 affordable housing units

Around $4.3 million of Environmental Protection Agency funding has been awarded through the program. About 33% of that funding has gone to nonprofits, 22% to public entities, and 45% to private property owners.

Past and current projects

The Portland Brownfield Program has provided financial assistance to more than 80 properties. Select projects from map below to learn more.

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