Apply for a Brownfield Grant

If you are buying, selling, or developing a potential brownfield property for reuse that creates community benefit, you may be eligible for a Brownfield Grant. Learn how to apply on this page.

Brownfield grants can help with the costs of conducting an environmental site assessment.

Current grants are focused on supporting affordable, shelter, and transitional housing. Other site uses will be considered if they provide a clear community benefit.

Even if your project is not eligible for a grant, we may be able to answer questions or connect  you to other resources. Contact the Portland Brownfield Program.

How to apply for a grant

Step 1: Review eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a Portland Brownfield Grant:

  1. The current property owner cannot be responsible for the contamination.
  2. The project must demonstrate the financial need for funding.
  3. The proposed project must demonstrate community benefits, such as affordable housing, public green space or community garden, a reduction of a health hazard to vulnerable community members, or creating a new and needed community resource.

Step 2: Contact the program to discuss your project

Before completing an application, contact the Portland Brownfield Program to discuss the specific needs of your project. Our team will set up a time to talk with you about your site, review eligibility criteria, answer questions, and connect you with additional resources.

Step 3: Submit an application

Only after contacting someone from the Portland Brownfield Program, download and complete an application.

Submit your completed application by mail or email to the Portland Brownfield Program.

We are here to help

The Portland Brownfield Program is committed to supporting applicants. Call or email us for assistance with the application process.