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Residential Infill Project and New Development Projects

Learn more about the residential infill project and schedule a meeting to discuss. New residential infill project policies go into effect August 1, 2021. Contact BDS to set up a time to discuss what the residential infill project means for your development projects.
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The City of Portland has adopted new rules that govern the types of housing permitted in our neighborhoods. The changes proposed by this project allow more housing options in Portland’s neighborhoods. This includes additional accessory dwelling units (ADUs), duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes, but only if they follow new limits on size and scale.  

Staff are available to answer questions about the new rules. As new resources come available, they will be posted online. The adopted code can be found here, if you want to view the detailed rules: 

Learn more about the residential infill project: 

Two additional code packages are planned to go into effect 8/1/21 that may impact your project:

Residential infill project code changes give homeowners more options  

Residential infill project code changes begin on August 1, 2021. With the changes, homeowners and developers have a lot more options to add additional units to a property or lot: 

  • We are expanding what is allowed in "single family" zones
  • We want to make more accessible and less expensive housing available

More flexibility for how you use lots   

In zones R2.5, R5 & R7 the residential infill project will add a lot of flexibility to build, including: 

  • Increase how many units can be built on each lot 
  • Increase the number of allowable configurations on lots 
  • Remove the requirement for off-street parking in single-dwelling zones 

Limits to building size 

A new requirement to measure each building’s floor area ratio on the lot limits the size of buildings. 

Find out if your lot can have more units 

The z overlay map shows where additional residential infill project housing types are not allowed, despite August 1, 2021 code changes. The z overlay can be found at the Map App (on Portland Maps).

Why you can't add units to some lots 

You can't add units to some lots. For example: 

Minimum lot size requirements 

Minimum Lot Size 

  • Zone R2.5:  
    • Min lot size for 1-2 units = 1600sf  
    • Min lot size for 3+ units = 3200sf  
  • Zone R5:   
    • Min lot size for 1-2 units = 3000sf 
    • Min lot size for 3+ units = 4500sf 
  • Zone R7:   
    • Min lot size for 1-2 units = 4200sf 
    • Min lot size for 3+ units = 5000sf 

Visitability requirements  

For new construction with three or more units on the site, including ADUs, one building must be visitable. Visitability standards include:  

  • A no step, barrier-free main entrance. 
  • A bathroom and small living area accessible to the main entrance. 
  • 32-inch-wide internal doors between the entrance, the bathroom and the living area for wheelchair accessibility. 

Meet with us to discuss the residential infill project 

Set up a 15-minute meeting or call the Zoning hotline (503-823-7526) to ask a question or two. Or, set up an Early Assistance meeting for a deeper discussion about the residential infill project. 


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