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Zoning Confirmation Letters and Land Use Compatibility Statements

Information about getting a signed land use compatibility statement from Development Services. Request a zoning confirmation letter (bank letter) and zoning analysis. Document a nonconforming situation.

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We provide written zoning verification for state or federal agency applications. We also provide verification for refinancing and other situations as requested. 

Land Use Compatibility Statements (LUCS) for State of Oregon applications 

Many state or federal agencies need these statements. Agencies include:

  • the Division of State Lands (DSL)

  • Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Please review submission instructions on the Planning Services webpage. We'll return the signed application to you within two to three weeks of payment. 

Zoning Confirmation Letters- bank letters and zoning analysis 

Zoning confirmation letter requests fall into two categories: 

  • Bank Letters (Tier 2). These letters are often used by finance institutions for due diligence purposes. The response for these letters is generally within three to four weeks. States the current zoning with a brief description of:

    • allowed uses

    • previous land use actions

    • active violation cases

  • Zoning Analysis (Tier 3). The response for these letters is generally within six to eight weeks. Respond to zoning questions or include site/project-specific information about zoning regulations. 

For both types of letters, please complete a request form and use the submission instructions on the Planning Services page

Documenting a Nonconforming Situation using standard evidence 

When a use or development is allowed at a site and then the zoning regulations change so that it is no longer allowed, applicants can document rights using “standard evidence." The response for these requests is generally within 6 to 8 weeks. Please email a completed application using the submittal instructions on the Planning Services page


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