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Zoning Location Approvals

Location approval for DMV applications and liquor licenses. Find out if your zoning is appropriate for your type of business. Start here, if you're looking for Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) liquor licenses.
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Location approvals for DMV applications

For customers applying to the State of Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for an auto-related business license.

We verify the zoning of your site on the relevant page of the state application form.

Car Dealers

For DMV applicants (except auto dismantlers) requiring signatures on their DMV applications. 

Please email the relevant page of the state DMV application form to (leave the City portion blank).

Please include the following information in your email: 

  • Name of Applicant 

  • Address of Applicant 

  • Phone Number of Applicant 

  • Description of business. Whether you do car sales, wholesale sales, have a home office or something else, explain it in your email.

  • Description of operation. Explain if you store all vehicles inside of a building, if you store or display vehicles outside or if there are no vehicles at the site.

  • Please give us the address where you would like the signed application return mailed to you. 

There is a fee for the City signature on the application form. Please refer to the Zoning Confirmation Tier 1 Fee on the current Land Use Services Fee Schedule.

Once we have your application, we'll email you how to pay the fee online or over the phone.

Once the fee is paid, we will complete and approve the DMV Location Approval form electronically and email you the approved document as a PDF document within two business days of payment.  

Auto dismantling businesses

DMV licenses (new businesses and renewals) for auto dismantling businesses are processed through a more detailed zoning review process. 

These applications require a Tier 2 Zoning Confirmation review and the associated fee.

To apply you'll need the appropriate state DMV application and a completed Zoning Confirmation Requests Form.

Please follow the application instruction found on Zoning Confirmation Letters and Land Use Compatibility Statements under the section, Land Use Compatibility Statements (LUCS) for State of Oregon applications

Zoning verification maps for liquor licenses 

Development Services provides zoning verification maps for liquor license applications. 

If you need a zoning verification map for your liquor license application, please email Location Approvals ( 

Please include the following information in your email: 

  • Address of business 

  • Description of business. Explain if you have a restaurant, store, wholesale, warehouse, home business or something else.

There is no fee for the zoning verification map.

You will receive a PDF of the map within two business days of your request. 

Please note: 

  • Home businesses are subject to restrictions in the Zoning Code. Your home business can't conduct retail sales. All activities associated with the business must take place within fully enclosed structures. You can't have employees unless approved through a Type B Home Occupation permit.

  • If your business is in a residential area, you must include documentation. This documentation explains the City approval you have to operate a business in a residential area. Hours of operation may not extend into the period of 11 pm to 6 am. There is a fee for document review. Refer to the Zoning Confirmation Tier 1 fee on the current Land Use Services Fee Schedule.