Statement on greenway review for Zenith Energy Terminal Holdings

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Today the Bureau of Development Services released a decision approving a greenway review for Zenith Energy Terminal Holdings, LLC.

The greenway review was necessary as Zenith Energy seeks to install three 12-inch diameter pipelines on the existing overwater dock at 5480 NW Front Avenue, on land owned and operated by McCall Oil, and connect them to the existing terminal infrastructure at Zenith-owned property at 5501 NW Front Avenue.

Zenith Energy seeks these alterations to existing development in order to transport renewable fuel products such as biodiesel, renewable diesel, or sustainable aviation fuel.

The portion of the proposed development located at 5480 NW Front Avenue is within the River Industrial Greenway overlay zone. Portland’s Zoning Code (Portland City Code Section 33.440.310.B) requires a greenway review for exterior alterations within a greenway overlay zone.

The administrative decision allows Zenith Energy to:

  • Install three 12-inch pipelines and associated supports, valves and hose connections on an existing dock adjacent to the Willamette River;
  • Excavate a temporary drill pit associated with boring and installation of two of the new pipes under NW Front Avenue from the McCall Oil site to the existing Zenith Energy terminal infrastructure at 5501 NW Front Avenue, as well as construct two test stations for cathodic protection of those pipes to prevent corrosion, and
  • Install landscaping and remove associated nuisance species.

The approval of the greenway review is subject to the following conditions:

  • A zoning permit is issued for inspection of required landscape plantings and a separate commercial construction permit may be required for development of the proposed infrastructure.
  • The applicant of the zoning permit must monitor the required landscape plantings for five years to ensure survival and replacement as described in the decision and submit monitoring and maintenance reports to the Land Use Services Division of the Bureau of Development Services for review and approval.

This land use review decision (case file number LU 23-046738 GW) may be appealed to the City Hearings Officer no later than 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 16. Instructions on how to file an appeal are included in the land use review decision. Additional appeal information can be found here.

The full land use review decision, including exhibits, can be found here.


Ken Ray

Public Information Officer, Development Services