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Landscaping and Screening Requirements 

Get information about landscaping and screening requirements in the City of Portland.

Landscaping requirements include:

  • Change as a result of an Adjustment Review, Environmental Review or other Land Use Review

  • Drive-through areas

  • New residential and commercial development

  • Outside development areas (outside storage, display or work areas)

  • Parking areas

  • Screening of mechanical equipment

  • Other regulations relating to landscaping

Note: Tree preservation and planting requirements are in Title 11, Trees.

Where to find landscaping and screening regulations in the Zoning Code

Find regulations in the base zone, overlay zone, plan district or other regulation. 

The regulation cites the requirements in Chapter 33.248, Landscaping and Screening most of the time. In turn, parts of Chapter 33.248 refer to other publications and guides.

Other publications in the Zoning Code

Depending on the situation, different types of plants may be planted on a site.  The Zoning Code refers to several plant lists. These lists are referenced within the Zoning Code. If any of the Zoning Code provisions that apply to a site refer to one of these lists, you must view the publication to obtain the most accurate detail regarding the landscaping requirements for the site.  

Portland Plant List - This publication has a list of native trees, shrubs and ground cover. It also includes a list of plants that listed in Nuisance or Prohibited plants. Many of the landscaping requirements prohibit the use of Nuisance or Prohibited plants. Only Native Portland Plant List plants are allowed in Environmental Zones.

Street Tree List - This publication has information on which trees to plant. It also has information about permitting and maintenance for trees planted in the public right-of-way.  Parks maintains this document.

Tree and Landscaping Manual

This publication provides detailed guidance about landscaping requirements. The manual also has information about landscaping regulations in the Zoning Code. This includes interior parking lot landscaping.

Stormwater Management Manual

For information about landscaping in association with stormwater management facilities and Chapter 17.38 of the Portland City Code, check out the Stormwater Management Manual. Environmental Services maintains this document.