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Zoning Changes

Get information about zoning changes, the land use review application and land use review fee information for the City of Portland. Learn more about zoning map amendments, zoning map error correction, zone boundaries and how to apply for a zoning map amendment or comprehensive plan map amendment.
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Read about zoning map amendments, zoning map errors and changing zone boundaries. Apply for a land use review or a zoning correction. 

Zoning map amendments 

Zoning Map Amendments in compliance with the Comprehensive Plan Map designation may be approved if adequate public services are capable of supporting the uses allowed by the zone or will be capable by the time the development is complete. Comprehensive Plan Map designations will be shown in parenthesis on the official zoning maps. The zoning map amendment process allows the City to assess the adequacy of services including water supply, transportation system structure and capacity, police and fire protection, and sanitary waste disposal and stormwater disposal systems.

In order to determine if adequate public services are available for the uses allowed by the proposed zone, you should contact the appropriate city service agency as identified in the Zoning Map Amendments. Also review: 

Comprehensive plan map amendments 

The Comprehensive Plan is adopted by the City Council and includes Goals, Policies, Objectives and a Plan Map which guide the future development and redevelopment of the City. Portland’s Comprehensive Plan also demonstrates how the City complies with State and Regional land use planning requirements.

If the desired zone is shown in parenthesis on the official zoning maps, only a Zoning Map Amendment is required.

If a zone change is to a zone not identified in parenthesis on the official zoning maps, then a comprehensive Plan Map Amendment and Zoning Map Amendment are both required to change the zone. Both of these reviews must be submitted concurrently.

Zoning map error correction 

To change the zoning line on a property that has been placed incorrectly, you may request a Zoning Map Error Correction review. Zoning Map Error Corrections may be requested for situations where a map line is not placed where it was intended to go (such as along the centerline of a creek), or where there is a clear legislative intent for where the line should be located. These and other situations where a map error correction request may be made are outlined in section 33.855.070 of the Zoning Code.

Changes to zone boundaries 

Modification of environmental zone boundaries that reflect permitted changes in the location or quality of resource areas may be allowed if approval criteria are met. Minor modifications to environmental zone boundaries may also be requested based on a detailed site specific environmental study. See section 33.430.250 in Chapter 33.430.

Zoning changes procedure 

Requests for Zoning Map Amendments and Comprehensive Plan Map Amendments are processed through a Type III procedure. The final decision for Comprehensive Plan Map Amendments is made by City Council. A Pre-Application Conference is required prior to submittal.

Application forms 

More information about zoning changes 

Land use fees information 

Review the Land Use Services Fees Schedule and the Unincorporated Multnomah County Land Use Fees Schedule.