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Greenway and Greenway Goal Exception Reviews

Learn more about the City of Portland's greenway review process. Get the land use review application and the early assistance application.
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Greenway Review is required for many projects that occur within the Greenway overlay zones (“n”, “r”, “g”, “i”, and “q” overlays). The Greenway Review is required to address issues of public access, flood protection, transportation connections, and potential impacts to recreational users, wildlife, and water quality.

Chapter 33.440 of the Portland Zoning Code includes the majority of the City’s Greenway regulations. South Waterfront Greenway Review is required for some projects within greenway area.

Greenway review procedures

Greenway reviews are processed using the Type II procedure.

Greenway Goal Exception is required to locate a development or right-of-way that is not river-dependent or river-related within or riverward of the greenway setback. Greenway Goal Exceptions are processed through the Type III procedure, require a Pre-Application Conference, and must be approved by the City Council (see Statewide Planning Goal Exceptions). 

Greenway Review application forms

Visit Land Use and Final Plat Applications for instructions on how to apply for a Land Use Review.

Complete this application form to apply:

A pre-application conference is required for all Type III Land Use Reviews. Optional Pre-application conferences are also available to discuss other projects:

Use this checklist to prepare Greenway Review applications:

Sign this form within 21 days of application date to allow submittal of new information if a Type III decision is appealed:

More information about Greenway reviews 

Summarizes all land use procedure types: 

Outline of timeline for Type II Procedures:

 Outline of timeline for Type III Procedures:

Forms for Decisions that Require Landscape Monitoring Reports:

Extensive list of native plants and the various Portland plant communities. All vegetation planted in e-zone resource areas must be native:

A list of native trees identified by both the scientific and common name: 

Native Trees on the Portland Plant List 

Lower Willamette River Wildlife Habitat Inventory

Willamette Greenway Plan

Fee information for Greenway reviews 

Review the Land Use Services Fees Schedule and the Unincorporated Multnomah County Land Use Fees Schedule.

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If you have questions after reviewing the information on this page, please schedule a free 15-minute appointment with a city planner or set up an Early Assistance meeting for a deeper discussion.