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Learn more about the City of Portland's environmental review process. Get the land use review application and the early assistance application.
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Environmental Review is required if your project cannot meet the environmental development standards found in Sections 33.430.140 through 33.430.190 of the Zoning Code. Most properties with environmental zoning are subject to the regulations of Chapter 33.430.

Find out if a review or plan check will be required:

Submittal requirements for environmental plan check: 

Projects in environmental zones in the Columbia South Shore Plan District are subject to the environmental regulations in Chapter 33.515 (Sections 33.515.265 through 33.515.280).

Projects in environmental zones in the Cascade Station/Portland International Center Plan District are subject to the environmental regulations in Chapter 33.508 (Sections 33.508.300 through 33.508.500).

Process for an Environmental Review

Most environmental reviews, including most environmental violation reviews, are processed through the Type II Procedure. Property Line Adjustments and resource enhancement activities in environmental zones are processed through the Type Ix procedure. Some uses and development in resource areas of the Environmental Protection zones and corrections to some violations are processed through the Type III Procedure.

Outline of timeline for Type Ix Procedures: 

Outline of timeline for Type II Procedures:  

Outline of timeline for Type III Procedures:

Type III Environmental Reviews will always require a Pre-Application Conference. Optional Early Assistance Appointments are available to discuss your development plans with an environmental planner before submitting a proposal for review.

Approval Criteria for Environmental Reviews

Information found in Portland Zoning Code Chapter 33.430 will identify the specific environmental regulations that may apply to your proposal.

How to apply 

Submit a land use review application form, fee, narrative addressing the approval criteria, and other materials listed in the land use review application checklist.

Complete this application form to apply:

A pre-application conference is required for all Type III Land Use Reviews. An optional Early Assistance appointment may be requested to identify and discuss any major issues that may impact the Environmental Review or Environmental Plancheck process:

If a Type III decision is appealed, sign this form within 21 days of the application date to allow the submittal of new information:  

Application submittal requirements with sample site plans and recommendations on how to prepare a written response to approval criteria: 

Use this checklist to prepare Environmental Review applications: 

Review the Land Use Services Fees Schedule and the Unincorporated Multnomah County Land Use Fees Schedule.

When you have your application materials prepared, submit your application. Follow the submittal instructions on the Land Use Reviews and Final Plat Applications webpage.

How to map environmental zoning lines on your property

Environmental zone lines must be accurately shown on site plans submitted for permits and land use reviews.

The best way to accurately map the zoning is by obtaining digital files imported into your mapping system.

Here's how to download environmental overlay and other map layers:

  1. Navigate to the PortlandMaps Open Data Portal
  2. Select Zoning Code.
  3. Type in the search bar "Environmental Zone Subareas" or go directly to the Environmental Zone Subareas map.
  4. Zoom into your area or select the magnifying glass icon to enter an address.
  5. Select the download icon (the cloud with a downward pointing arrow) for download options.

This map layer will provide georeferenced zoning boundaries for the ‘c’ and ‘p’ zones and delineates the transition and resource areas within these overlay zones.

Environmental and other zoning information can also be viewed on PortlandMaps.

To get help locating environmental zone lines on your property, schedule a 15-minute appointment with an environmental city planner or call the General Inquiries line at 503-823-7300.

Environmental Review forms

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