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Find information about today’s residential inspections. Get the inspector's name, phone number and a two-hour window for each inspection. This information is updated daily (except for holidays and weekends) at 8:15 a.m. Check out all of the inspections set up for today:

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Important Note about Inspections:

To protect the health of inspectors, contractors, occupants and the construction industry at-large, BDS inspectors may decline or discontinue an inspection if they observe work sites failing to comply with applicable COVID-19 public health guidance. These requirements include maintaining at least 6-feet of physical distance between people whenever possible, and wearing face covers when interacting with others. Please help ensure BDS can continue to perform inspections for your projects in a timely manner by following the public health guidance that applies to your work sites.

More information about COVID-19 public health guidance for workplaces and contractors is available from the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon OSHA. If you have questions about BDS practices, please contact:

Dave Tebeau
Residential Inspections Division Manager


Darryl Godsby
Commercial Inspections Division Manager