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Deferred Submittal Guidelines

Get information about deferred submittal guidelines.
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Deferred submittal definitions

  • Architect of Record (AoR): Licensed architect of record responsible for the design of the building/structure for the main permit associated with the deferred submittal.  
  • Building Official: The office or other designated authority charged with the administration and enforcement of the building code, or a duly authorized representative.  
  • Deferred Submittal: Those portions of the design of the building/structure that are not submitted at the time of the permit application and that are to be submitted to the building official within a specified period.  
  • Deferred Submittal Registered Design Professional: Oregon Registered Design Professional who is responsible for the design of the contents of the deferred submittal.  
  • Engineer of Record (EoR): Licensed engineer of record responsible for the design of the building/structure for the main permit associated with the deferred submittal.  
  • Geotechnical Professional of Record (GPoR):  Licensed design professional of record who prepared the geotechnical report for the project.
  • Review Stamp: A stamp or other similar notation indicating that the AoR, EoR, or GPoR has reviewed the materials (drawings and calculations) for general conformance with the design of the building. The review stamp must state that a review has taken place; it cannot merely state that the deferred submittal was received. (See example below.)  
Example of a review stamp
  • Stamp or Seal: A stamp with signature by the registered design professional in responsible charge, registered in Oregon for the design of deferred submittal item. Typically, the registered design professional is a Professional Engineer, a registered Structural Engineer, or a Registered Architect. (See example of Stamp or Seal below.)  
A seal saying "Registered professional engineer"

General requirements and deferred submittal application 

  • Deferral of any submittal items shall have the prior approval of the building official and shall be listed on the approved construction documents of the main permit. (OSSC  
  • Deferred submittals must match the basic configuration approved under the Main Permit. Changes to design or layout cannot be approved under the deferred submittal. A revision to the Main Permit is required to be reviewed and approved prior to the deferred submittal review if the plans show changes to the design or layout.
  • Deferred submittals must be accompanied by an application for Deferred submittal. The deferred submittal application and submittal requirements:  

Registered design professional’s stamp and seal requirements

  • The deferred submittal registered design professional must seal every sheet of drawings, as well as the cover page of the calculations. (OSSC 107.1)  Digital signatures are acceptable.  
  • Shop drawing level detail is not necessary as part of the deferred submittal, however if the only drawings available are shop drawings and these drawings are submitted for approval as part of the deferred submittal, then these drawings must be sealed by the deferred submittal registered design professional.  
  • Calculations must be sealed by the deferred submittal registered design professional.  
  • Stamp and Seal requirements for Trusses and Joists Drawings:
    • The truss placement diagram/ joist placement plans which serve only as a guide for truss installation and do not deviate from the approved main permit drawings do not need to be sealed, unless it contains additional information such as bridging details, etc. (OSSC 2207.4, OSSC 2303.4.2)  
    • For trusses and joists, the calculations and drawings for an individual truss are frequently on the same piece of paper. For these, each page must be sealed by the deferred submittal registered design professional. (OSSC 107.1, OSSC 2207.2) 

EoR, AoR, and/or GPoR review stamp requirements

  • Prior to submitting the deferred submittal, the EoR and/or AoR responsible for the building shall review the deferred submittal plans and supporting materials. The EoR and/or AoR shall stamp the drawings with a review stamp or similar notation indicating that the deferred submittal documents have been reviewed and found to be in general conformance with the design of the building.  

Exception: the review stamp or notation is not required on deferred submittals for fire sprinklers or roof trusses in residential construction when an Engineer or Architect of Record is not involved with the design of the building.

  • Deferred submittals requiring the review of the GPoR are typically limited to micopiles and tieback anchors or soil nails.  Other geotechnical-related design elements, such as retaining walls, etc., are not allowed as deferred submittal items.
  • The review stamp/notation shall be placed at a minimum on the cover page of the deferred submittal drawings, and cannot be located only on a transmittal (OSSC
  • Certain deferred submittal drawings must be stamped by the AoR with a review stamp if the main permit was prepared and stamped by a licensed Architect. Deferred submittals that require a review stamp from the AoR include but are not limited to: 
    • Curtain wall  
    • Storefront  
    • Stairs/ Guards/ Handrails  
    • Fire Protection  
    • Fire Life Safety Summary Binder  
    • Glazing  
    • Skylights  
    • Canopies  
    • Exterior coverings  
    • Wood joists  
    • Wood trusses 
  • The review stamps from the EoR , AoR, and GPoR do not necessarily have to have a notation, “NO EXCEPTIONS TAKEN”, “APPROVED” or other similar statements. Minor changes requested by the EoR , AoR, or GPoR through statements such as “APPROVED with changes noted” or “Revise as noted” or similar statements may be acceptable if the EoR, AoR, or GPoR specifically provide direction on what that change is.
    For intake purposes, permit technicians will only verify that the review stamp is not notated as “Revise and Resubmit” or “Rejected” or similar language, in which case the deferred submittal may not be taken in for review. If the drawings are taken in and the plans examiner determines that the changes requested by the EoR  AoR, or GPoRare significant enough that the deferred submittal would require a re-design, a preliminary checksheet will be issued to require the changes requested by the EoR, AoR, or GPoR be completed and approved by the stamping design professional before a complete review will be undertaken  
  • Calculations ONLY do not have to have a review stamp/notation (see note about calculations also serving as drawings for trusses and joists above).  

Special inspection requirements   

  • Special inspection items shall be noted on the deferred submittal drawings, even if they were noted on the approved permit drawings. (OSSC 1704.3)  

Geotechnical elements not accepted as deferred submittals

The following items are frequently requested to be deferred submittal items for geotechnical elements.  The City however, does not allow the following to be submitted as deferred submittal items.  They may be submitted as bidder designed elements, but they must be as part of the main permit drawings with supporting calculations.  The list includes but need not be limited to:

  • Excavation and shoring plans
  • Helical anchors (either as vertical or lateral elements)
  • Retaining walls
  • Deep foundations (with the exception of micropiles)
  • Shallow foundations.