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Seeking experienced engineers to advise on structural issues

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Engineer writing on blueprints; more plans, a hardhat and a laptop are also on the desk
The City of Portland seeks interested and experienced structural engineers to serve in one of three positions, each for a three-year term, on the Structural Engineering Advisory Committee. Persons of color are encouraged to apply. Applications are due by Thursday, April 25.
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Are you an experienced engineer who is passionate about the safety of Portland’s buildings? Do you have a passion for learning more about construction proposals and advising on creative approaches to meet building code requirements? If so, the City of Portland could benefit from your talents and passion.

Purpose of the Structural Engineering Advisory Committee

The Structural Engineering Advisory Committee advises the Bureau of Development Services and its Administrative Appeal Board on reasonable interpretations of state and city building codes. It also advises on alternate materials and methods of construction concerning structural matters.

Committee activities include:

  • Reviewing and advising the Bureau of Development Services on proposals in the appropriate application of alternate materials and methods of construction where such use is either not specified or differs from the prescriptive requirements of the building code
  • Providing advice to the Administrative Appeal Board on technical matters related to reasonable interpretation of the structural provisions of the building code
  • Providing advice to the Bureau of Development Services in the development and implementation of state and local codes and policies relating to structural standards of buildings

Who can join

To be eligible for service on the advisory committee, members must live, play, worship, go to school, work or do business in the City of Portland. Members must also be licensed in Oregon to practice structural engineering with at least seven years of experience related to the general practice of structural engineering and seismic design in high seismic areas. Persons of color are encouraged to apply.

Desired attributes

The Bureau of Development Services is at a point of significant transformation as the bureau expands the ways it interacts with and provides services to the public, with a shift to more online and remote services becoming available. It is critically important to have people of color at the table, providing their advice, perspectives and feedback on new ways the bureau and its partner bureaus serve the community through the application of building codes.

We need systems, processes and services that work for people of color. If you want to assist the review and application of building codes in better serving communities of color, and you have experience and training in construction and development that can inform this Board’s work, then we want to see your application. The attributes listed below are what will guide our selection process. It is helpful if you are specific in your answers. We do not expect you to be or have everything listed.

  • You believe government is better when the community is involved.
  • You are an advocate for racial equity: you want positive and long-lasting outcomes for racial and ethnic communities who have been left out before. You can bring discussion about racial and ethnic communities who need it the most.
  • You have a perspective on physically navigating the community with a disability.
  • You are available to attend all meetings and participate in the discussions.
  • You have at least seven years of experience related to the general practice of structural engineering and seismic design in high seismic areas.
  • You possess demonstrative experience with either design or review of rehabilitation of existing buildings and use of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 41, Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings, or other similar documents.
  • You have experience related to the use of alternate materials or technology.
  • You have served on other structural engineering boards and committees at the national or local levels.

Terms and time commitment

  • The committee meets on an as-needed basis. Historically the committee has met, on average, around two to three times a year. Meetings are held either online or, when practical, in-person at the Bureau of Development Services offices at 1900 SW 4th Avenue. Meetings of the committee are open to the public and usually last between two and three hours each.
  • Members serve a three-year term and may be reappointed to serve a second term for up to six consecutive years of service.
  • In addition to the time spent in meetings, it is anticipated that three to four hours of preparation time is needed before each meeting.
  • Members are expected to prepare for meetings on their own time. Every effort will be made to provide meeting materials at least one week in advance but members may be asked to review materials on shorter notice.

We remove barriers

  • If needed, we can provide interpreters who will translate the conversation in your language during the meeting. Please ask for an interpreter at least a week in advance of the meeting so we have enough time to make arrangements.
  • You may need to read and write in your language. Verbal and written translations are performed by outside organizations. The dialects may be different than your home region and may be different on each document.
  • We try to translate the written materials you ask for, but we may not be able to provide translation on all meeting documents.

Please let us know if there are any other barriers to your participation. Parking passes will be available if you need those to fully participate.

Public Official Conflict of Interest Notice

Those selected to serve on this body will be legally considered public officials for the duration of their service. As such, they will be required to publicly disclose potential conflicts of interest. Having potential conflicts of interest does not preclude you from serving on this body and may not impact your ability to participate fully on this body. Stakeholders often have potential conflicts of interest by the nature of having an interest in construction and development matters. The Conflict of Interest Disclosure is included in the application. Please describe all potential or actual conflicts of interest on your application.


Applications are due no later than 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, April 25, 2024.

Please apply for appointment to the Structural Engineering Advisory Committee here.

To talk with someone about this opportunity or to receive assistance in completing the application, please contact the committee’s staff liaison, Amit Kumar, at or 503-865-6500.

Voluntary and confidential demographic information

The City of Portland is committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity and uses provided demographic information to help ensure that advisory body appointments represent a broad cross-section of community. Your information will not be used during the recruitment nor the selection process. State and federal law prohibit use of this information to discriminate against you. The City will treat this information as confidential to the fullest extent allowed by law.

For more information

For more information about the Structural Engineering Advisory Committee, please visit its website.