Structural Advisory Committee Meeting July 17, 2018

Public Meeting
10:00 am 11:00 am
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Room : BDS Conf Room 6(g) 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM


  1. Introductions
  2. Installation of members
  3. City of Portland policies on Boards and Commissions – Tony Garcia Deputy City attorney 4) Structural Advisory Committee – How it functions - Amit Kumar
  4. Elect a Chair
  5. Discuss proposed Code Guide on clarifications to Title 24.85 regarding seismic upgrades to buildings that have previously been upgraded

Meeting Minutes 

BDS Conf Room 6(g) 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Committee members present: Kent Yu, Trent Nagele, Mark Tobin, Clinton Ambrose, Josh McDowell, David Nilles (via Telephone Conference call)

City Staff present: Amit Kumar, Tony Garcia (Deputy City Attorney), Donah Baribeau

Meeting called to order at 10:00 AM

1) All present introduced themselves

2) Donah Baribeau administered the oath to new members. David Nilles is a returning member and did not need to have oath renewed.

3) Tony Garcia, Deputy City attorney, provided members with an overview of City of Portland’s policies on Boards and Commissions. Attached is a copy of the presentation.

4) Amit Kumar briefly discussed how the committee functions.
(a) The committee is only an advisory committee to Bureau of Development Services (BDS). City is not required to adopt any recommendations of the committee.
(b) The committee consists of six members. A quorum is 3 members. Amit Kumar, Sr. Structural Engineer with BDS will be the staff liaison for the committee.
(c) The committee meets only on an as needed basis. There are no regularly scheduled meetings.
(d) Matters that typically come up before the committee are those that may be referred to by the BDS’s appeals board or those that engineers or other applicants dealing with city business as it relates to structural engineering for building permits before BDS may request to be considered by the board. These could include among other matters, issues when there is a difference of opinion between the city staff and the engineer of record or when city staff needs direction on code interpretations, or other matters related to structural engineering, etc.
(e) Typically, committee members are given all the information from the appellant and the City about a week or two in advance of the meeting so that they can research the topic as necessary. At the meeting the appellant and the City both present their case for the committee to consider and come to a conclusion. A vote is generally taken at the end of the meeting and the decision is recorded based on the vote including any additional recommendations from the committee.
(f) Members are expected to excuse themselves when a matter pertaining to any conflict of interest is being considered by the committee

(g) The chair and in the absence of the chair, the co-chair will conduct the meeting of the committee.

5) David Nilles was elected as chair and Kent Yu as co-chair. 6) Conflict of interest forms from members were collected.

7) Proposed Code Guide on clarifications to Title 24.85 regarding seismic upgrades to
buildings that have previously been upgraded were handed out for the committee members to advice on. City is requesting advice on the proposed code guide. Attached is the proposed guide. It was decided that a separate meeting of the committee will be held in August to discuss the issue.

8) Additional matter before the committee:
City of Portland passed a resolution requiring URM buildings to have placard placed on those URM buildings that have not been retrofitted to prevent collapse in the event of a major earthquake. City is seeking advice from the Structural Engineering Committee on technical definitions of what a major earthquake would mean and what standards should the building have to have been retrofitted such that a placard can be removed or not required. Amit Kumar passed out a proposal for committee to consider. A meeting of the committee was scheduled for July 31, 2018 to discuss this matter.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Amit Kumar
Sr. Structural Engineer