File Naming Standards for Single PDF Process


Please follow these guidelines when uploading and naming files, this ensures your submittal is processed efficiently.  All drawings must be uploaded in a single PDF file in landscape view. The application, calculations, and other non-plan documents required for your permit application must still be uploaded as their own PDFs separate from the drawings.


  • Name your documents simply, with straightforward titles (see examples below).
    • City of Portland generated documents should be named the title of the document.
    • Documents downloaded and saved from Portland.Gov or PortlandOregon.Gov have auto-generated naming and are okay to submit; there is no need to rename the files.
    • Note: Do not include permit numbers, addresses, or any other identifiers in the document name.
  • Filenames must be fewer than 50 characters long.
  • Please name Calculation Packets as either Supplemental or Replacement.
  • Note: Supplemental Calculation Packets provide relevant information in addition to the original Calculation Packet. Replacement Calculation Packets provide new information in replacement of the original calculation packet.
  • Warning: Do not create files with protected digital signatures or send certified PDFs.
  • Do not send digitally signed, permissions-protected, or certified PDFs. If your drawings include this, simply Print to PDF or re-save to Reduced Size PDF.

For the complete File Preparation requirements please refer to the Applicant Single PDF Process Step and User Guide.

Applicant Single PDF Process Step and User Guide 

Below are two examples to use as a guide when naming your files.

Examples of acceptable file naming standards for the Single PDF Process.
Examples of acceptable file naming standards for the Single PDF Process.