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Special Inspections

Information about special inspections required for your permit. Learn more about special inspectors and find out how email your special inspection forms and special inspections summary reports to BDS.
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Information about special inspections

Special inspections are in addition to the inspections required by Development Services. Depending on the type of work being performed, the special inspections may be continuous or periodic. The special inspections are not a substitute for required Development Services inspections. The special inspection reports and summaries must be reviewed and approved by the building inspector. The permit will not have final approval until the special inspection reports are approved. 

Special inspectors and testing agencies

Testing agencies and special inspectors must be currently registered with the Oregon Building Officials Association (OBOA). The OBOA has created a list of approved special inspectors and agencies.

How to submit special inspection forms

A special inspection form listing the special inspection items is generated and sent to the applicant during the plan review process. This form lists the required special inspections required for the project. The form should be completed by the project owner or the architect or engineer acting as the owner's agent, not the contractor.  The form must be returned before the permit can be issued.

As part of completing the form the project owner (or the architect or engineer acting as the owner's agent) is required to identify the special inspector or inspection agency whose services he/she agrees to employ to perform the special inspections. The completed form can be returned as part of a checksheet response or separately by email by following the instructions on the form.  

For projects submitted using ProjectDox, the forms should be uploaded following instructions provided.

How to submit special inspections summary reports

Submit Final Summary Reports by email. Do not send to the District Inspector's email. 

When submitting your final reports via email, please note the permit address and permit number in the subject line. Example: “Subject: 1900 SW 4th Ave – Permit 16-103456 CO/RS”

Questions about special inspections

Questions about special inspections should go to the inspection department for your permit type:

If you are in the FIR (Field Issuance Remodel) program please contact your FIR inspector with questions.


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