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Site Development Permits

Apply for a site development permit. You need a site development permit for clearing, grading, groundwork for new subdivisions, landslide repair, private streets and tree cutting. Learn more about site development permits, what you need for a completed application, get forms and apply online.

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When you need a site development permit 

You need a site development permit for:

  1. cutting or removal of vegetation which results in exposing any bare soil
  2. earthwork, excavation or filling greater than 10 cubic yards
  3. Tree cutting on slopes with gradients which are greater than 25% when cutting more than five trees of six-inch diameter. This also applies when you're clearing an area of greater than 2,500 square feet.
  4. Construction of streets, alleys, common greens and pedestrian connections in a private right-of-way. 

Site development permit application and important forms 

You need a completed building permit application, plans and a simple site erosion control requirements form to apply for a site development permit:

You may also need the erosion control manual and the temporary excavation guidelines:

Apply for a site development permit

  • The completed building permit application includes required plans, other materials and fees.
  • Please complete a Simple Site Erosion Control Requirements form. Include the form with your application.
  • You can submit your permit application request online using Development Hub PDXRead step-by-step instructions for submitting a permit application request online or in person. 
  • For most projects, you can submit electronic plans using the Single PDF process. Submit large projects with PDX E-plans and ProjectDox.
  • If you are unable to create electronic plans, please call us and we will work with you.

Contact Site Development and Septic Review for questions about your permit application. 

Plan review process for site development permits 

Geotechnical, join/or civil engineers and Planning and Zoning review these permit applications.

Other City of Portland bureaus may also review your application:

  • Environmental Services for conformance to the Stormwater Management Manual
  • Transportation for public streets
  • Parks Urban Forestry for conformance with Urban Forestry requirements

Track the process of your permit review 

We'll contact you about how to pick up an approved permit. Track the permit review process.

Site development inspections

Erosion Control inspectors inspect site development permits. Check out Erosion Control Inspections for more details.