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Submit Plans Online (Single PDF Process)

The Single PDF Process is being offered to qualifying projects as a quick and easy way to upload and access plans.

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The Single PDF Process refers to the fact that all drawings must be together in a single PDF file, named appropriately. Calculations, application, and other documents required for your permit application must still be uploaded as their own PDFs separate from the drawings.

For additional information, please review the documents below.

Stages of the Single PDF Process

There are three stages for acquiring a permit. Please review the stages and documents below. 

1. Intake 

This section provides information about starting the permit intake process to submit your application and drawings. Follow the steps below. 

  1. Call the Schedule a Building Permit Application Intake Appointment phone number at 503-823-4092 or email Development Services
  2. Permit Technician reviews project qualification, plan readiness, and emails instructions for uploading drawings & documents.  
  3. Applicant follows email instructions and uploads submittal. 
  4. Permit Technician screens plans for submittal requirements and provides next steps if any information is missing or requires clarification. If project is accepted, Permit Technician notifies review groups (Planning & Zoning and Life Safety).
  5. Screening accepted by all prescreen review groups, applicant will be notified of intake fees and payment instructions.
  6. Reviewer emails Checksheet (instructions for corrections) to applicant if any additional clarification or corrections are needed. If there are no corrections needed, the Reviewer will approve submittal. 

For additional information, please review the documents below.

2. Corrections

After the City of Portland has completed its review of your application and/or drawings, you may be asked to submit corrections according to the steps below.

  1. To submit corrections email your corrections to Development Services
  2. Instructions for uploading corrected plans and documents will be emailed. 
  3. Following instructions provided, applicant uploads complete set of drawings with corrections. 
  4. Permit Technician reviews corrected plans and documents. If corrections are accepted, Reviewer will be notified that corrections have been received. 
  5. Reviewer emails Checksheet to applicant if additional clarifications or corrections are needed. If there are no corrections needed, the Reviewer will approve submittal. 
  6. Cycle repeats as necessary. Once all technical reviews are approved, the project can proceed to issuance. 

For additional information, please review the documents below. 

3. Issuance 

The final step in the Single PDF Process is issuance of your permit. This will occur according to the steps below.

  1. A final plan review is completed prior to issuance. Reviews are completed in chronological order based on the sign-off date of the last technical review.

    Review the current list of permits in pre-issuance.
  2. Plans are approved to issue. 
  3. Permitting Services emails link with approved plans to the applicant. 
  4. Permitting Services contacts applicant to arrange payment of outstanding fees and provides next steps. 
  5. Applicant downloads approved plans and inspection card and prints for posting at jobsite.  
  6. Once all fees have been paid, construction can begin. 


Permitting General Information

Development Services

Schedule a Building Permit Application Appointment

Development Services

phone number503-823-4092

Call this number to leave a message. If you would like to schedule an intake appointment for a building permit, development review permit or zoning permit, click on the link below.