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The Residential Infill Project allows for more types of homes in more areas of Portland, but current homeowners should be aware of unsolicited offers to buy their homes.
Apply for a permit online to install jacuzzis, ponds, swimming pools and other water features in the City of Portland. Get applications for hot tub permits, inground pool permits, pond permits, spa permits and other permits for water features. Learn what's needed for a complete application.
Retail sales and services uses are only allowed in commercial/mixed use zones. They are limited in employment and industrial zones. Check the zoning of the property developing plans for outdoor seating and merchandise sales (instructions below).
Learn how to tell if a wood stove or fireplace insert is certified. Also, how to find the DEQ or EPA certification label for your wood stove or fireplace insert. Read about unlisted wood stoves and fireplace inserts. Find wood stove laws and decide if you need to remove one before selling your home.
Do you need help filling out the building permit application? In this step-by-step guide, you'll learn what permit application fields are required and what each field means. We also provide examples. Get help with the building permit application with these instructions.
Find out how to research deed information for a property in Multnomah County. This may be needed when applying for Lot Confirmation or Property Line Adjustment Reviews. Research Multnomah County deed records online.
This step-by-step guide explains how to get a permit in the City of Portland. Learn how to research a property, find out what you can do on a site, what you need to get a permit, when you can get a permit and how to book inspections online. Learn more about permits and how permitting works.
How to submit corrections and respond to a checksheet or checklist that has been issued by a city plan reviewer using the Single PDF process. If permit documents under review do not meet code or are unclear, the reviewer asks for corrections. This request will come in a document called a checksheet.
Request public property records from the City of Portland. Find all available development and property-related public records. Get code enforcement records, land use records, pre-application conference records, early assistance records, permits records, zoning records and more.
This training series contains six videos for applicants using ProjectDox ePlans through the City of Portland. Topics cover getting started on ProjectDox to resubmitting after a review cycle.
Learn how to use the city's online permitting tools. Find instructions for getting various kinds of permits, such as trade, new construction and remodel permits. Get online permits documentation and instructions, learn how to use Development Hub PDX and submit permits online now.
Get required forms and instructions for filing an online appeal and building code appeal and forms for electrical, mechanical and plumbing code appeals. Find what you need to file a building permit appeal, including fees and how to pay them, and how to search appeals decisions and appeals records.

ICC Building Safety Month

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Building Safety Month is an international campaign celebrated in May to raise awareness about building safety.
The City of Portland has identified the need for a minimum of 23,000 additional housing units to serve low and moderate-income households. The Inclusionary Housing program is designed to help meet this need, working to preserve economically diverse neighborhoods and housing affordability.
A complete list of inspection codes to schedule an inspection with the City of Portland using the automated inspection request line.
The fifth step in this guide to getting a permit in the City of Portland is getting an inspection. Learn more about how inspections work and what to expect during the inspections process.
Erosion control best management practices are required during all ground disturbing activity until permanent site ground covers are in place. Instream BMPs are designed to provide sediment trapping for projects that must take place within the waterway. Read about instream sediment trapping devices.
The International Code Council is a nonprofit association that provides a wide range of building safety solutions including product evaluation, accreditation, certification, codification and training. It develops model codes and standards used worldwide to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and
Lake Oswego City website. Get information and applications for Lake Oswego building development on the City of Lake Oswego website.
A Land Division Review is required to divide an existing property to create additional lots, parcels or tracts. A land division may also be required to legalize a lot that was created outside of the legal process (such as through deed). Read more about land division reviews and final plat reviews.
Get information about recent land use decisions. Find adjustment reviews, design reviews, environmental reviews, historic resource reviews and more. Review land use decisions by neighborhood and district coalition. Read about public hearings for land use decisions.

Land Use Notices

Find land use notices of proposal, public hearing, staff report, decision and information about pre-applications conferences in the City of Portland.
You can appeal a land use review decision. Get information about the appeals process, including fees. Get forms for filing a land use review decision appeal, find out when you can file an appeal, how much it costs and where to send your appeal. File a Type III appeal fee waiver request.