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FEMA Flood Maps

External Resource
Look up flood maps on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Map Service Center website.
Apply for a fence permit online. Learn about adding a fence to a residential property in Portland. Get all required application forms and information you need for a complete fence permit application. Get information on fence inspections and setbacks. Find all the steps for getting fence permits.
File building code appeals, electrical code appeals, mechanical code and plumbing code appeals. This is a fee-based service that provides a formal response. You can request an alternative way to meet the intent of a code provision. You can also confirm an interpretation of building code language.
Learn how to file an extension of the 120-day review period. Use this form to request an extension of the 120-day review period for up to an additional 245 days.
Look up sewer information using Portland Maps. Find out if a home is connected to a sewer. View maps of public sewer lines and some private sewer connections. Portland sewer information online.
The second step to getting a permit with the City of Portland is to find out what you can and can't do on property. Planning & Zoning and Land Use Review make sure projects align with Title 33 Planning and Zoning Code. Learn about zoning- base zones, land use review, overlay zones and more.
Find out if you need a permit for your home business. Learn more about changing occupancy permits. Get information about banner permits, sign permits, flagpole permits, circus tent permits and cafe permits and find out if you need a permit today.
Find zoning regulations for a site and search zoning maps.
Sign up for this specialized permits program and work with one City of Portland senior inspector for your entire project. Get guidance on your permits and find out if you qualify for this building permits concierge program. Apply to be a FIR contractor in this unique permits assistance program now.
Learn more about the Floating Structures Board of Appeals. View a list of the current members for this advisory board.
Find a list of Portland floodplain maps. View flood insurance rate maps for Portland. Get flood hazard regulations and maps for Portland or search all flood maps on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website.
The FPP program is designed to serve customers that perform on-going interior tenant improvements and where facility maintenance, upgrades and renovations are frequent. The program is available to owners of buildings, building management companies and their tenants.
Learn more about current efforts to update the City of Portland's tree code.
Apply online for a building permit. Get all required applications and forms for carport permits, garage permits, shed permits and cargo container permits. Find information on building permit inspections for garages, sheds and accessory structures. Everything you need for a complete application.
Sign up for email alerts and newsletters from the Bureau of Development Services. Join our email mailing list today. The Plans Examiner is a monthly digest of news, events and helpful resources- sign up now!
Learn more about the City of Portland's greenway review process. Get the land use review application and the early assistance application.
Get helpful tips for presenting testimony at a public hearing.
Find out when you need an arborist report when you're building or renovating. Learn more about what an arborist report must include. Get information about tree reports from arborists before development begins. And, find out what you need from an arborist after work has started.
Get helpful information on what to include in a solar permit application, analysis guidelines and how to respond to structural plan review comments for a residential engineered system.
Visit the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber website to learn how they create opportunities and grow the Latino community's wealth and assets by investing in its community's entrepreneurial spirit, supporting its future generations' access to higher education, and preparing its future leaders to succeed.
Learn more about Portland's Historic Review process. Get the land use review application and the early assistance application. Read more about the six type of historic reviews and the land use type procedure used for each. Get the Certificate of Compliance and all other historic review forms.
Get required forms and helpful information for running a business out of your home. Learn about applying for home-based business permits in Portland. Learn about zoning requirements around running a home business. If you're using your home for your business, find out what rules to follow.