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Learn more about the recently approved Design Overlay Zone Amendments (DOZA), which took effect Aug. 1, 2021, and schedule a meeting to discuss. Find out more about what the Design Overlay Zone Amendments mean for new development projects.
Learn more about when you need to apply for design review. Get all required forms for a design review like the application for land use reviews, the early assistance application and the Certificate of Compliance. Learn more about design review requirements and approval criteria.

Design Standards

Learn more about how to apply for non-discretionary design review using objective Design Standards and when development proposals are eligible to use them. Obtain required forms to submit with a development permit application when using objective Design Standards and an early assistance application.
Print forms, signs and guidelines to notify neighbors, neighborhood associations and others about development projects.
Get information about members and any available vacancies on the Development Review Advisory Committee.
Help us improve. We always look for ways to improve key processes that result in faster, better service.
Please note: Due to COVID-19, the Development Services Center is closed to walk-in customers. Access is limited to those who have pre-scheduled appointments to pick up or drop off paper plans. Please review the information contained here to access the services of the Bureau of Development Services.
Watch past Lunch & Learn videos. Lunch & Learn events were hosted by Development Services to provide community education. During each Lunch & Learn event, City staff presented information about new programs, updated policies and procedures and technology improvements.
Get information about early assistance options, city planner meetings, zoning confirmation letters, pre-permit zoning plan checks and more.
Get help with a new project proposal in the City of Portland. Find the early assistance application and review a land use fee schedule.
The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute is the leading non-profit membership organization that connects those dedicated to reducing earthquake risk.
Apply for a commercial electrical permit. Get the commercial electrical permit and commercial electrical inspection. Find all forms for a commercial electrical permit including the electrical permit application. Any electrical work in a commercial building needs a commercial electrical permit.
Apply for electrical permits online. Get the electrical permit application. Find out how to get an electrical permit for a 1–2 family home and schedule an inspection. Review what you need to install new outlets or light fixtures, run new wiring or update a fuse box.
Apply to have building permit and land use fees waived. BDS fee waivers are based on financial hardship and low income. Nonprofit organizations can also apply for building permit and land use fee waivers. Find what to include in your BDS fee waiver request and where to send your fee waiver request.
Learn more about Oregon Residential Specialty Code R310.
Black, Indigenous, people of color and persons with disabilities who got a violation letter in the mail from the City can get assistance from our staff.
Learn more about erosion control. Make sure dirt, mud, rocks and sediment don't leave a job site. Get information about erosion control inspections, floodplain maps and erosion prevention best management practices. Get guidelines for how to control erosion.
Illustrations from the Erosion Control Manual. Detailed Erosion Control Manual drawings. Get PDFs or .DWG files of erosion control drawings.
Request an erosion control inspection. Erosion control inspections are required before any ground-disturbing activity. Learn more about what you can do to control erosion. Get information about temporary erosion control and permanent erosion control measures.
Get information about erosion control like how to use surface roughening, temporary grasses and vegetative cover for erosion prevention. Dust control, mulch, erosion control blankets and more can help you prevent erosion.
Get an estimate for your City of Portland building permit. Find out how much it costs to build a new building. Review building permit fees, other fees, system development charges and trade permit fees.
Frequently asked questions about the Facility Permit Program.
Get information about FCC Shot Clocks. Learn more about how federal shot clocks affect your project and the application process. Read about personal wireless service facilities and shot clocks, early assistance meetings and voluntary tolling agreements for a personal wireless service facility.
The official FEMA website.
Fees for the Bureau of Development Services (BDS) are updated periodically and adopted by the Portland City Council. Includes fees for residential, commercial, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, site development, signs & awning permits, home occupation permits, SDCs and enforcement penalties.