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Visit their website to learn more about this community-based organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. They organize weekly business networking events, exciting community-building events, and provide scholarships for the leaders of tomorrow.
Learn more about sewer repair, sewer repair permits and sewer inspections in this guide. Find out who pays for party sewers repairs, when to schedule a sewer inspection and who can repair a sewer. Get helpful tips and information about broken sewer lines and drain lines. (Also known as Brochure 7)
Budget Advisory Committee members change on an annual basis. The following were the Development Services committee members during the most recent budget development cycle.
The Building Seismic Safety Council (BSSC) deals with the complex technical, regulatory, social and economic issues involved in developing and promulgating building earthquake risk mitigation provisions that are national in scope.
The Utility Notification Center safeguards neighbors and people who work around utilities including underground pipes, mains and lines used for utilities. They also provide utility marking color guidelines that show where to find underground utilities. Learn more at their website.
Learn more about trees and development on City-owned or Managed Sites and Projects in the Right-of-Way. This page is for Capital Improvement Projects, Development on City-owned or Managed sites, & Projects in the Right-of-Way.
Learn more about the Cascade Station/Portland International Center Plan District Traffic Impact Analysis. Get a land use review application and read more about land use services fees.
A Central City Parking Review is a land use review for parking in the Central City Plan District. Get a land use review application and more information about this land use review procedure.
Learn more about the Central City Plan District Open Space Height Transfer Review. Get required applications and other helpful information.
This handout explains how to change the use or occupancy of a building in the City of Portland.
Read about some frequently asked questions and clarifications requested on Chapter 24.85 - Seismic Design Standards for Existing Buildings.
Find out if a BDS permit application is under review, in process or about to be issued. We update these project status reports for customers daily. Check your permit status from the daily permit request list, Portland Maps and the daily pre-issuance list. Also, get the applicant paid overtime form.
Get real-time, updated information about all building permits activity, BDS permit trends and the time it takes to issue permits. Statistics and data goes back to 2019. Find out what can affect the different stages of a permit’s review. Information is updated hourly on business days.
Look up the status of a City of Portland building permit review using Portland Maps.
Get the results of a City of Portland building inspection using Portland Maps.
Checklist and submittal requirements for prescriptive installations of solar photovoltaic and solar water heating systems.
You've corrected your plans in response to the checksheets. In this tutorial, learn how to organize your updated plans with the old plans, complete the checksheet response form, and schedule a drop-off appointment. The checksheet response form is included. Note: This is for Paper Plans only!
City of Beaverton website. The Building Division of the Community and Economic Development Department is responsible for issuing building, plumbing, heating / cooling, and electrical permits. This also includes reviewing plans and conducting inspections. Learn more at the City of Beaverton website.
City of Gresham, Oregon website. Urban Design and Planning is committed to serving the needs of Gresham's community, both today and into the future.
The City of Portland issues building permits for the City of Maywood Park. Search for "building permit" or search by project type ("deck permit") to learn more. For all other City of Maywood Park permit needs, visit the City of Maywood Park website.
Information about the City of Portland and Measure 49 eligible claims.
City and State codes and administrative rules, code guides and program guides. Review all of the City and State codes and administrative rules carried out by Development Services. Find all codes, program guides and administrative rules on this page. Review MOUs/IGAs and request a code change.
City of Tigard, Oregon website. Community Development Department- Planning, Permitting and Building Services.
City Title Code Guides provide answers about the application of specific City of Portland Titles and outline optional alternates. Review a list of City Title Code Guides carried out by Development Services and read each code guide.
West Linn City website. Get information and applications for West Linn building development on the City of West Linn website.