Land Use Reviews and Final Plat Applications

Learn more about land use review and final plat applications in the City of Portland. Find out where to send your application.

Land use review requirements 

Some projects may need a land use review. The City requires land use reviews when the zoning code triggers a review for a specific use or development project. You can find regulations directing a proposal to a land use review online. The base zones, overlay zones, plan districts and other sections of the zoning code each have information about land use review regulations. You can also find information about regulations within conditions of approval from past land use approvals at the site. You can find most review triggers in the zoning code chapter about a particular topic.

To find out if your project requires a land use review, please contact Planning and Zoning. You may also review information on specific land use review types.

If you've checked the base zone, overlay zone and plan district and your proposal meets all use and development standards, you may not need a land use review. If you don’t need a land use review, you can submit your permit plans.

Land use review fees

The City charges a separate fee for each type of land use review. The fee goes to Development Services, Environmental Services, Fire, Parks the Hearings Officer, Transportation and Water.

Land use review and final plat applications 

Land Use Review and Final Plat applications can be emailed to Please note that land use review applications that are emailed after 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or on weekends or holidays will be identified as "received" on the following business day. A Land Use Services technician will contact you within 3-4 business days with instructions for providing payment for emailed applications.

We do not accept zip files or links to submittals. If a submittal is too large to send via email, please only email the application, narrative, and a site plan and a Land Use Services Technician will send you a link to upload your large files to once the case has been set up in the system.

All land use review and final plat applications must have documents broken up into the following separate PDF  documents and they must be unlocked and able to be edited:

  1. Application form and Written Narrative. Digital signatures are not required. An application will not be identified as “received” until it is unlocked.)
  2. Plans (site plans, elevations and drawings, surveys)
  3. Technical Reports
  4. Other

Following up on land use review and final plat applications

  • There are no intake appointments held for land use review applications associated with Radio Frequency (RF) facilities. Instead, applicants should submit those applications to
  • To respond to an Incomplete Letter, applicants should email all materials to the assigned planner.
  • Land Use Review appeal forms can be emailed to A Land Use Services technician will contact you with instructions for providing payment for emailed appeals.