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Find out how to get a commercial plumbing permit and commercial plumbing inspection. Get all required forms for a commercial plumbing permit including the plumbing permit application. If you are doing plumbing work, you will need a plumbing permit.

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Who can do the work?

If you are operating a business on a commercial structure or commercial use site, a licensed plumbing contractor must purchase the permit and do the work. 
Contractors must have a license to work in Oregon. The Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) issues licenses to contractors. The permit application and their company materials must list the license number. Need help finding a contractor? The CCB website has good tips on how to search for one. 

All plumbing contractors must also be licensed by the Oregon State Plumbing Board (PB).

Commercial plumbing permit fees

Based on the scope of work, the fees are listed on the plumbing application. On the application you will need to describe the scope of work and provide a detailed list of all plumbing work. If you have questions, please call the Commercial Inspections Plumbing.

Apply for a commercial plumbing permit

You can get commercial plumbing permits online that do not need plans through Development Hub. Call the trade permits help line if you have questions about getting a permit. You can also submit your completed application by email.

If the plumbing work needs drawings and plan review, you cannot get the permit online through Development Hub. Plan Review is required for complex structures - a plumbing system designed, constructed or reconstructed to accommodate any of the following: 

  • Installation or alteration of a medical gas and vacuum system for health care facilities
  • Installation or alteration of chemical drainage waste and vent systems containing chemical agents potentially detrimental to the integrity of a plumbing system
  • Installation or alteration of wastewater pretreatment systems for building sewers
  • Installation of vacuum drainage waste and vent systems 
  • Installation or alteration of reclaimed wastewater systems 
  • Installation of a commercial booster pump system needed to maintain a minimum residual water pressure in a structure supplied by a municipal source 
  • Installation of a plumbing system requiring a building water service line with an interior diameter or nominal pipe size of two inches or greater except those two inch systems which have been designed and stamped by a licensed engineer
  • Installation of any multi-purpose sprinkler system under standards adopted by the department 

Plumbing plan review submittal requirements

Drawings shall comply with the Oregon State Plumbing Specialty Code. 

Plumbing plans shall contain the following information:

  • Drawn to scale showing the location of all the plumbing fixtures and the location of the rain drains or roof drains. Provide the elevation of the lowest floor containing plumbing fixtures or drains.
  • Site or plot plan showing the following information:
    • Size, location, depth of burial and type of material of the storm sewer and sanitary sewer from the building to the point of disposal
    • Size, location, water pressure, depth of burial and type of material of the water line from the building to the property line or water supply
    • Provide the elevation of the street or road to which the building sewers drain
    • If the street or road elevation is the same elevation as the lowest floor level, or higher, show the elevation of the next upstream manhole cover of the public sewer
  • Drawing showing the size and type of material for the drainage system, venting system, storm water system, hot and cold water piping, 13D fire sprinkler systems and medical gas vacuum systems in or adjacent to the building. Medgas plans are required to be stamped by an Oregon registered professional engineer.
  • A riser diagram supplied for a building three stories or more in height for the drainage system, vent system and storm water system showing size of lines and type of material
  • A riser diagram supplied for a building three stories or more in height for hot and cold water piping, including size, type of material, pressure available, height and required pressure for specific installations
  • A copy of the specifications describing fixtures, appliances, roof drains and other appurtenances supplied.

Food Service Establishments: Approval by the Multnomah County Health Department, (503) 988-3400, or the Oregon State Agriculture Dept. (503) 986-4720, shall be obtained prior to the plumbing plan review for all proposed food service establishments.

Online Permits - Development Hub

How to submit your plans (if required)

For commercial plumbing permits requiring plan review, Schedule a Permit Intake Appointment to upload your complete plan submittal through a shared link. Include the following information:

  • Your name, email and phone number
  • If you're calling for the applicant, leave their name, email and phone number
  • Description of the work
  • Valuation of the work being done
  • Approximate number of pages in your plan drawings
  • Project address
  • Permit number or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) number (if available)

We will respond as soon as possible via phone or email with confirmation of your appointment.

If you are unable to create electronic plans yourself, please call us and we will work with you.

Plan review

The Commercial Plumbing section of the Bureau of Development Services reviews the plans.  It generally takes ten business days to review and issue the permit. If you have questions call Commercial Plumbing Inspections.  

Septic tank installations are to be approved by the Environmental Soils Section of the Bureau of Development Services (503) 823-6892.

Approval by the Bureau of Environmental Services is needed for:

  • Sanitary sewer connections to a public sewer
  • Proposed storm sewers to a public sewer, natural drainage way, curb or public right-of-way

Commercial plumbing inspections, results and corrections

To schedule an inspection, call the automated inspection request line. You will need your IVR or permit number and the three digit code for the inspection.

Get the results of the inspection online on Portland Maps.

Not approved - there are some reasons why the electrical work did not get approved:

  • no access - the inspector may not have been able to inspect the work
  • incomplete work
  • code violation

The inspector will list the corrections needed on the inspection report. 
Call for a reinspection after making the corrections. Use the same three digit inspection code.
If you make the corrections the same day wait until 5 pm to request a reinspection. The inspector needs to enter their results before you can schedule the reinspection.

There is a reinspection fee charged for more than one reinspection for a single issue.

Customer Guide to Commercial Permit Inspections (336.49 KB)

Trade Permit Extensions

Trade Permit Reactivations

Search for permits and cases on Portland Maps

Contact commercial plumbing inspectors

If you have questions before your inspection, you can talk to an inspector. The commercial plumbing inspector area map lists the inspector's name, area, and phone number.   The best time to reach an inspector is between 7:30 am - 8:00 am. 


Commercial Inspections - Plumbing

Development Services

phone number503-823-7302

Monday through Friday from 8 am - 4 pm. Leave a message with detailed information.

Requests for Inspection and Inspection Results

Development Services

phone number503-823-7000

Automated Line - Requires an IVR number

Schedule a Building Permit Application Appointment

Development Services

phone number503-823-4092

Call this number to leave a message. If you would like to schedule an intake appointment for a building permit, development review permit or zoning permit, click on the link below.

Trade Permit Information (Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing)

Development Services

phone number503-823-7363

Monday through Friday from 8 am - 5 pm. Leave a message with detailed information.