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Find out how to get a commercial mechanical permit and commercial mechanical inspection. Get all required forms including the mechanical permit application. Any mechanical work in a commercial building in the City of Portland needs a commercial mechanical permit.

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Apply for a Commercial Mechanical Permit

Mechanical permits are required for new installations, additions, or alterations to mechanical systems. Examples include roof top mechanical units, natural gas line(s), walk in cooler(s), ducting or hood ventilation systems.  Not all installations require Mechanical Plan review, but all must conform to the Oregon Mechanical Specialty Code.

Generally, these are the projects that can be issued without plan review:

  • Push/Pull (Like for Like) of commercial equipment under 5 tons
  • Gas piping < $5000
  • Condensing units inside building associated with a commercial building permit (CO) for walk-in freezer/cooler
  • Moving or replacing ductwork not involving fire dampers or penetrations of fire walls, fire assemblies or floors
  • Moving or replacing grills in duct work

To apply for mechanical permits without plan review, email the completed Mechanical application to the Bureau of Development Services or submit through mail.

If the project does not fall in the list above, a Mechanical review is required, and plans will need to be submitted for review to ensure compliance with Oregon Mechanical Specialty Code as well as any applicable city code.

To apply for mechanical permits with plan review, schedule a permit intake appointment to upload through a shared link.

Who can do the work?

If the work proposed is in a building that is not intended for rent, sale, lease or exchange, the property owner, an owner’s representative, or the tenant can perform the work, as well as an Oregon licensed general contractor.  

All contractors working in the State of Oregon must have a license to work in Oregon. The Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) issues licenses to contractors and maintains records on licensed contractors and about any claims filed against them. Contact the CCB at (503) 378-4621 for further questions.

Commercial Mechanical Permit Fees

Commercial Mechanical permit fees are based on the value of the work to be performed and may include any review fees by City Reviewers.  These fees are adopted by City Council and can be found here:

Submittal Standards (Projects with Plan Review)

As part of the review process, a complete submittal is required which includes a mechanical permit application, mechanical drawings, structural sheets and/or calculations or specification sheets associated with the equipment to be installed.

As part of the construction set, all plans should be drawn to scale (no sketches, google maps, or photographs) include a simple site plan, full floor plan and roof plan as applicable.

At a minimum, mechanical drawings are to include:

  • Drawings are to be drawn to scale where necessary to verify compliance with code.
  • Drawings may be handwritten/drawn if clear and legible. Text or note shall be in print.
  • Minimum drawing size: 11X17. Notwithstanding, all required information is to be clear and legible. Minimum printed text is to be 3/32” or the equivalent 12-point font.
  • Cannot use professional's drawings without the permission of the professional who signed the original drawings. For example, an architect’s stamped plan set cannot be used without their permission.
  • If using plans that have been drawn by others, e.g. architect, engineer, etc., mechanical work must be clear and non-mechanical work minimized and shown only as a background.
  • Scope of work covered by the permit application is to be clearly indicated on the drawings. All other unrelated work shall not be shown.
  • Mechanical plans coversheet is to include an equipment list of all equipment where the structural support and seismic attachment are governed by the OSSC.
  • Depending on the scope of work, a site plan may be required.
  • Equipment product data shall be included.
  • Engineering calculations and details (if the additional load on the roof will exceed 400 lbs
  • Existing structural system is adequate, OR
  • Design any improvements required to support the loads.

An Oregon licensed structural engineer must prepare any calculations and/or drawings if required. Any engineered drawings or details must be incorporated into the plans or cross-referenced on the plans. These documents must be submitted with the plans and may be a separate drawing.

Specific project types:

Rooftop units

HVAC systems

Mechanical hood ventilation systems

Mechanical information required for a commercial permit

Commercial – New Construction, Additions, Alterations with Exterior Work, or Structural Change; page 3; 

Plan Review and permit/case search 

The review groups that will check a typical mechanical permit are:

  • Mechanical Plan Review 
  • Fire Plans Examiner
  • Structural Review (addition of equipment weighing more than 400 lbs.) 
  • Planning and Zoning (any exterior work or interior work with exterior penetrations) 

Every project is unique and additional information may be required for review. If additional information is required to verify the work meets state and/or city requirements, a checksheet requesting any clarifications or corrections will be issued to the applicant identified on the Mechanical permit application. Get more information about the corrections process:

Permit status can be reviewed on Portland Maps permit/case search.

Commercial mechanical inspections, results and corrections

Once the project has been approved and final fees have been paid, you can request an inspection (related page). 

To schedule an inspection, the IVR and/or permit number is needed and the three-digit code for the inspection. Results of the inspection can be obtained online on Portland Maps permit/case search or by calling the IVR system.

If the inspection is Not Approved and corrections are needed, the inspector will list the corrections needed on the inspection report and provide a copy for the site. After those corrections are completed, reinspection can occur.

Here are some common reasons why work did not get approved:

  • No access - the inspector may not have been able to inspect the work
  • Incomplete work
  • Code violation

After the corrections have been addressed, schedule a reinspection. Use the same three-digit inspection code when calling for the original inspection.

There is a reinspection fee charged for more than one reinspection for a single issue.

Contact commercial mechanical inspectors

If you have questions before your inspection, you can talk to an inspector. The commercial mechanical inspector area map lists the inspector's name, area, and phone number. The best time to reach an inspector is between 7:30 am - 8:00 am. 


Commercial Inspections - Structural & Mechanical

Development Services

phone number503-823-7303

Monday through Friday from 8 am - 4 pm. Leave a message with detailed information.

Planning and Zoning

Development Services

phone number503-823-7526

Monday through Friday from 8 am - 5 pm. Leave a message with address and your questions.

Requests for Inspection and Inspection Results

Development Services

phone number503-823-7000

Automated Line - Requires an IVR or permit number

Trade Permit Information (Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing)

Development Services

phone number503-823-7363

Monday through Friday from 8 am - 5 pm. Leave a message with detailed information.

Schedule a Building Permit Application Appointment

Development Services

phone number503-823-4092

Call this number to leave a message. If you would like to schedule an intake appointment for a building permit, development review permit or zoning permit, click on the link below.