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Find out how to get a commercial electrical permit and commercial electrical inspection. Get all required forms for a commercial electrical permit including the electrical permit application. Any electrical work in a commercial building needs a commercial electrical permit.

15 minutes if plans are not needed

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Who can do the work?

Any electrical work in commercial buildings needs a permit. Only a licensed contractor can buy a commercial electrical permit. 
Contractors must have a license to work in Oregon. The Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) issues licenses to contractors. The permit application and their company materials must list the license number. Need help finding a contractor? The CCB website has good tips on how to search for one. 

To do most electrical work, contractors must also have their BCD electrical license and a BCD supervising electrical license.

Commercial Electrical Permit Fees

Based on the scope of work, the fees are listed on the electrical permit application. 
On the application you will need to describe the scope of work and provide a detailed list of all electrical work. If you have questions, contact Commercial Electrical Inspections. 

Apply for a Commercial Electrical Permit

You can get commercial electrical permits online that do not need plans through Development Hub. Call the trade permits help line if you have questions about getting a permit.

You can also submit your completed application by email. 

This electrical work needs plans, so you cannot get the permit online through Development Hub:

  • Fire pump
  • Emergency system
  • Addition of new motor load of 100 HP or more
  • Six or more residential units
  • Patient care areas of health care facilities
  • Recreational vehicle parks
  • Hazardous locations
  • Supply over 600 volts nominal
  • Service or feeder 400 amps or more where the available fault current exceeds 10,000 amps at 150 volts or less to the ground, or exceeds 14,000 amps for all other installations
  • Service or feeder 600 amps or over
  • Building over three stories
  • Marinas and boatyards
  • Floating buildings
  • Commercial use agricultural buildings
  • Installation of 150 KVA or larger separately derived system
  • A, E, I-2, I-3 occupancies
  • Voluntary plan review

You will need submit 2 sets of electrical plans drawn to scale with: 

  • Definitions for legends used 
  • Clearly the location of the work. 
  • Show the type and extent of the work
  • Show in detail that the work conforms to the applicable electrical code requirements, laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations

The plans need to also contain the following:

  • Feeder riser diagram showing panel location and circuit schedules
  • One line riser diagram diagram showing bonding and grounding and conductor sizes
  • Available fault current current on the line side of service disconnect
  • Complete load calculations (or provide applicable load records) for all new installations and for additions to existing installations
  • Fixture schedule, showing type, location, and layout of the fixtures;
  • Address of the installation and name of owner and address
  • Identification of the employer, identification and signature of person who prepared the plan, license number if the person is an electrical supervisor and professional registration number if the person is an architect or registered professional electrical engineer
  • Location of emergency systems, identifying the power source and the system on plan

Online Permits - Development Hub

How to submit Electrical Permits with Plans

Plan Review

The Commercial Electrical section of the Bureau of Development Services reviews the plans.  It generally takes ten business days to review and issue the permit. If you have questions call Commercial Electrical Inspections.  

Commercial electrical inspections, results and corrections

To schedule an inspection, call the automated inspection request line. You will need your IVR or permit number and the three digit code for the inspection.

Get the results of the inspection online on Portland Maps.

Not approved - there are some reasons why the electrical work did not get approved:

    • no access - the inspector may not have been able to inspect the work
    • incomplete work
    • code violations

The inspector will list the corrections needed on the inspection report. 
Call for a reinspection after making the corrections. Use the same three digit inspection code.
If you make the corrections the same day wait until 5 pm to request a reinspection. The inspector needs to enter their results before you can schedule the reinspection.

There is a reinspection fee charged for more than one reinspection for a single issue.

Customer Guide to Commercial Permit Inspections (336.49 KB)

Trade Permit Extensions

Trade Permit Reactivations

Search for permits and cases on Portland Maps

Contact commercial electrical inspectors

If you have questions before your inspection, you can talk to an inspector. The commercial electrical inspector area map lists the inspector's name, area, and phone number.   The best time to reach an inspector is between 7:30 am - 8:00 am. 

Commercial electrical inspector map

In-Plant Inspections for Electrical Master Permit (Industrial Plant) Program

The Electrical Master Permit (Industrial Plant) Program promotes electrical safety and is a more efficient way for handling repair, alteration or replacement of electrical products in qualified facilities. 

When a facility registers with the Electrical Master Permit Program, no separate permit is required to do work allowed under the program. Employees holding the appropriate electrical licenses, or by State of Oregon licensed electrical contractors can do the Electrical work.


Commercial Inspections - Electrical

Development Services

phone number503-823-7304

Monday through Friday from 8 am - 4 pm. Leave a message with detailed information.

Requests for Inspection and Inspection Results

Development Services

phone number503-823-7000

Automated Line - Requires an IVR or permit number