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Apply for a Lot Confirmation

Verify a lot can be developed with the City of Portland. Learn more about lot confirmations and get a lot confirmation application.

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A lot confirmation verifies one or more lots or lots of record have legal status as a property that is eligible for development under the zoning code. A lot confirmation is often undertaken to confirm lots or lots of record that have previously been combined for tax purposes. A lot confirmation does not verify accessibility to services such as water or sewer; it only confirms that the property meets zoning code standards to be eligible for development. 

Apply for a Lot Confirmation

Fill out and submit a lot confirmation request form to recognize individual lots or lots of record that have previously been combined for tax purposes:

Include a site plan checklist, drawn to scale, showing all existing development, parking and distances from structures to property lines:

A survey is typically required when it appears that the location of 1-2 family residential development is within three-feet of the property line to be confirmed or for commercial development dependent on the type of development and available information. The survey must be stamped and signed by a registered licensed surveyor.

Submit the required review fee found on the current land use services fee schedule:  

Lot confirmation review process

Lot confirmation is an administrative review that generally takes between six and eight weeks to complete. Land Use Services staff can verify the approximate turnaround time when you submit your application.

Lot confirmation may be combined with a Property Line Adjustment to recognize a common property line and then move it.

Lot confirmation approval process 

A lot confirmation must meet the following:

The site must include one or more complete, previously platted lots (usually indicated by a subdivision name, lot and block number), or lots of records. Find the definition of lot of record in Chapter 33.910 Definitions: 

Each lot or lot of record must be able to meet the lot size standards for the applicable base zone, as follows:

Lots in the single-dwelling zones (RF, R20, R10, R7, R5, R2.5) must meet the applicable standards of Chapter 33.110, Single-Dwelling Zones Section 33.110.212, When Primary Structures are Allowed: 

Lots in the multi-dwelling zones (RM1, RM2, RM3, RM4, RX, RMP) must meet Chapter 33.120.205, Development on Lots and Lots of Record:

Additional allowances for Platted Lots under Senate Bill 534.

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