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Quick links to applications for building permits, trade permits and zoning permits. Get step-by-step instructions for how to apply for a permit. Find out what to include with your application to make sure it is complete. Then, apply for a permit online.
This application must accompany requests for building permits, site development permits and zoning permits. You can find quick links to the separate electrical permit, mechanical permit and the plumbing permit application forms and the simple erosion control requirements form, too.
Learn more about the Alternative Technology Advisory Committee.
The Financial Advisory Committee reviews and provides feedback on the econometric forecasting models used to project bureau revenues and development activity in Portland. Expenditure projections are also reviewed.
The Budget Advisory Committee evaluates the bureau’s budget request.
The Design Commission provides leadership and expertise on urban design and architecture and on maintaining and enhancing Portland's historical and architectural heritage as authorized under Portland City Code 33.710.050,
Get information about mission of the Development Review Advisory Committee.
About the Bureau of Development Services (BDS)
Learn more about the Floating Structures Board of Appeal.
The Historic Landmarks Commission provides leadership and expertise on maintaining and enhancing Portland's historic and architectural heritage as assigned by PCC Title 33 or by City Council.
The City of Portland is developing proposals to address tree preservation during development activities.
Learn more about Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) permits in the City of Portland. Get all required forms for an ADU permit. Get information about ADU inspections for basement apartments, granny flats, in-law units, mother-in-law apartments, rental units, secondary units and adding another dwelling.
Information on residential addition permits that enlarge the footprint of a single family home or duplex. Get all required forms for a residential addition like adding a bedroom. Find information on permits and inspections and learn more before you add a room to a home or remodel a home.
Two of the most commonly used sections of the code regulate landscaping and screening, and parking and loading.
Learn more about the City of Portland's zoning adjustment review process. Get all required forms and apply for an adjustment review.
Learn about the building code appeal review process. For electrical, mechanical and plumbing code appeals, find out how the review and reconsideration process works. Find the Board of Appeals (Big Board) process information.
Learn more about what you need to apply for an adult care home permit in City of Portland. Learn about required inspection for Adult Foster Care Homes.
Read more about applications submitted to ATAC and final recommendations of the Alternative Technology Advisory Committee.
The Alternative Technology Advisory Committee, authorized under Portland City Code 24.10.087, assists the Bureau of Development Services in reviewing innovate sustainable building technologies and methods for compliance with the Building Code requirements.