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Septic Permits- Alterations, New Construction and Repair

Learn about applying for a septic permits - new construction septic permits, alteration septic permits and repair septic permits in Multnomah County. Get the application, other septic permits forms and information about sewage permits, septic system permits and sewage disposal permits.
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Required and important septic installation permit application forms

What you need to get a septic permit 

For alteration permits, new construction permits and repair septic permits, you'll need the following: 

  • An application to install a new on-site sewage disposal system (installation permit) requires a Septic Installation Permit Application
  • Land Feasibilty Study Number (for new construction and for major repair) or a Land Use Compatibility Statement from Multnomah County (for alterations only)
  • Scaled legible site plan showing all existing and proposed structures, proposed septic system, and private well (if applicable)
  • Detailed floor plan (Not required for minor repair - 4 bedrooms or less)

Please Note: 

  • Only the property owner or the property owner's regular employee may construct or install a septic system with an issued septic installation permit. Otherwise, a certified septic installer working for a DEQ-Licensed Onsite System Installer Business is required to construct and install the septic system with an issued septic installation permit.
  • For other residential or commercial properties, a licensed State of Oregon, Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) installer must do the installation
  • If you have any questions, please call the Onsite Septic Permits and Inspections phone number.
  • Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) surcharge is to be paid along with the fee

How to submit your completed application 

Mail the completed application, related materials and fees to Onsite Septic Permits and Inspections. They will notify you if a site visit or an authorization notice is required.

Email complete submittal application package (checklist is on application) to A permit will be set up and information emailed to applicant providing information required to submit credit card payment over the phone with the BDS Cashier.

Plan review process and checksheets

Allow a minimum of twenty days for review. You will be notified of status by either a checksheet or an issued permit.

Checksheets will be sent to applicant and property owner requesting additional information and/or plan revisions if corrections are required. Third and subsequent checksheets will require an additional fee.

Applications will be cancelled if no response to checksheet within 90 days. New fees will apply.

Septic permit inspections

To schedule an inspection, call the automated inspection request line. You will need your IVR or permit number and the three digit code for the inspection. You will receive a call with the time window for the inspection.  

Septic inspection results and corrections

Get the results of the inspection on Portland Maps permit/case search the next day.

Not approved - there are some reasons why the work did not get approved:

  • no access - the inspector may not have been able to inspect the work
  • incomplete work
  • code violations

The inspector will list the corrections needed on the inspection report. 

Call for a reinspection after making the corrections. Use the same three digit inspection code.
If you make the corrections the same day wait until 5 p.m. to request a reinspection. The inspector needs to enter their results before you can schedule the reinspection.

There is a reinspection fee charged for more than one reinspection for a single issue.

Septic Decommissioning Permits in Multnomah County

Learn more about septic decommissioning permits in Multnomah County. 

Contact septic inspectors

If you have questions about septic inspections, you can talk to an inspector between 7 a.m. - 8 a.m. on business days by calling the Onsite Septic Permits and Inspections phone number.