About the River Community Advisory Committee

General information about the River Community Advisory Committee.

The River Community Advisory Committee is comprised of six members who represent a variety of floating structures interests. Members are appointed by the Commissioner-in-charge of the Bureau of Development Services (BDS) for three-year terms and assist the bureau with the development of procedures and administrative guidelines for implementing Title 28. In particular, the Committee provides the Director of BDS with the following guidance:

  • Leadership and expertise on issues affecting floating structures;
  • Feedback on the impact of potential regulations and administrative rules on floating structures, taking into consideration the full range of City goals and objectives;
  • Recommendations for regulatory, code, and administrative rule changes affecting floating structures;
  • Monitoring of the application and enforcement of regulations for their effectiveness in achieving the City’s goals;
  • Recommendations on customer service, permitting, process, and compliance improvements; and,
  • Service as an advisory board on processes and procedures under Title 28.

Members include, but are not limited to, a floating home resident, a marina operator, a floating structures contractor, a design professional, a yacht club member, and an on-the-water business owner.


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