Residential Seismic Strengthening

Learn more about Seismic activity and building in the City of Portland.

Portland and the surrounding communities are in a seismically active region. Earthquakes are a natural occurrence. The constant motion of the Earth's crust causes an earthquake. This motion creates the buildup of pressure along faults. The pressure is released in the form of an earthquake.

Earthquakes are sudden and without warning. Strong ground shaking can cause severe damage to buildings. Earthquakes can crack walls, topple chimneys and move buildings off their foundation. Older buildings and homes are especially at risk. They often lack adequate anchorage to their foundation. They weren't designed to resist the shaking and movement expected from earthquakes today.

Identify potential hazards ahead of time and strengthen homes, buildings and utilities. This can reduce damage and the dangers of serious injury or loss of life from an earthquake (this information was modified from "Earthquakes in Oregon."

We have a program to help you make your home more secure in the next earthquake. Check out brochure #12 - Residential Seismic Strengthening - Methods to Reduce Potential Earthquake Damage. Also, check out Helpful Information on Choosing a Contractor.