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Simple Bathroom Permits

Find out how to get a simple bathroom permit in the City of Portland. Get a bathroom permit without drawing plans. Learn more about how to apply and start a simple bathroom permit application.
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Bathroom with sink and bathtub

When the simple bathroom permit program can be used

If you are updating an existing bathroom, you may need trade permits.

You can use the simple bathroom permit program for a new full or half bathroom or to legalize an existing bathroom if all of the following apply:

  1. Interior only; no exterior alterations
  2. No changes to load bearing framing
  3. No more than 3 toilets on the property
  4. Located in a permitted structure in the primary residence (not in an accessory structure)
  5. Sink must be located in room with the toilet and/or shower or bath

Other criteria may apply. For example, party sewers and/or code violations on the property. 

Disclaimer: This permit applies only to the bathroom(s) described in the attached application and any fixtures therein. This permit does not legalize any other spaces within the structure or on the site. Any additional information or drawings provided to the Bureau of Development Services for the location listed on this form have not and will not be reviewed, approved or inspected. Any additional work or approval of existing conditions on the site may require a separate building permit and will be subject to review of permit history and existing structures.

Who can do simple bathroom work

Owner doing work 

If homeowner is performing the work, complete a State of Oregon construction responsibilities form. 

Hiring a contractor

Contractors must have a license to work in Oregon. The Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) issues licenses to contractors. Need help finding a contractor? The CCB website has good tips on how to search for one. 

The permit application(s) must include the contractor’s license number and signature.

Simple bathroom permit fees

 The fees are determined by the valuation of the construction work to be performed and the work needed for the bathroom. Review the fee schedules for building and trade permit fees.

Apply for a simple bathroom permit

  1. Complete the Simple Bathroom Permit Program Criteria form. Include the property address and a signature (electronic signature accepted). 
  2. If homeowner is performing the work, complete a State of Oregon construction responsibilities form. 
  3. Complete a Building Permit Application. You might want to read our step-by-step guide for completing a building permit application.
  4. Complete trade permit applications (Electrical,Mechanical, Plumbing):

5. Submit your completed application packet (all completed forms, drawings and other information) in one PDF by email to the Simple Bathroom Permit program

We review applications within five business days. We'll send you a notice when your permit is approved to issue and permit fees are due

Book a Pre-construction Meeting 

  1. After fees are paid, schedule a pre-construction meeting, Call the automated IVR system at phone number 503-823-7000 using the IVR number (the permit number) and inspection code 295.
  2. Call or email the Simple Bathroom Permit Program with questions about the meeting. 

More information about simple bathroom permits

If you don't have subcontractors yet

If you do not submit the mechanical, electrical, or plumbing applications with your building permit application, you'll have to get the trade permits separately.

How to pay simple bathroom permit fees

The email you receive from the Development Services technician will outline your payment options. 

Minimum code requirements for bathroom fixture clearances

Review the diagram from the 2021 Oregon Residential Specialty Code for information about clearances.

Drawing representing  2017 Oregon Residential Specialty Code