New Single Family Residence (NSFR) and New Detached ADU Sample Fees

Learn more about possible permit fees for a new single family residence.
A house under construction with workers on site

The City of Portland welcomes the opportunity to work with you on your new single family residence project. Learn more about what fees may be required for your project.  Each project is unique and some fees may vary even for homes with identical square footage.  Fees will depend on the types of permits you are applying for as well as the valuation of your project.

The below fee table outlines sample fees based on rates and valuations effective July 1, 2023.

Sample New Detached ADU and NSFR Fees

Permit FeeNew Detached ADUMedium New Single Family Residence *Large New Single Family Residence**
Land Use Plan Review$251.76$576.98$919.44
Building Plan Review$568.33$921.54$1287.46
Residential Site Plan Review$329.00$329.00$329.00
Address Assignment Fee$121.00$121.00$121.00
OMF Revenue ADU Waiver Application Fee$600.00N/AN/A
BES Sanitary System Development Charge - Residential$6639.20$8299.00$8299.00
BES Storm System Development Charge - ResidentialN/A$1251.00$1251.00
BES Plan Review - Residential$290.00$755.00$755.00
BES Residential Private Storm Facility Inspection$690.00$690.00$690.00
Parks System Development Charge - Residential$7101.00$12771.00$16053.00
PBOT System Development Charge - Residential$2941.00$5882.00$5882.00
PBOT Building Plan Review - Residential$572.00$572.00$572.00
PBOT Curb, D/W, & Sidewalk

Per unit cost as required.

For a 50-ft frontage length with existing curb, approximately $500.00

For a 50-ft frontage length with existing curb, approximately $500.00For a 50-ft frontage length with existing curb, approximately $500.00
School Construction Excise Tax$748.80$1948.44$2914.08
Metro Excise TaxN/A$255.49$300.90
Affordable Housing Construction Excise TaxN/A$2129.06$3363.87
Water System Development Charge$2281.00$6844.00$11407.00
Water Domestic Service$8070.00$8070.00$8070.00
Water Single Family Housing Review$220.00$220.00$220.00
Zoning Inspection Fee$104.00$104.00$104.00
Building Permit Oregon State Surcharge$108.22$171.76$239.32
Mechanical Permit State Surcharge$38.23$41.25$44.27
Plumbing Permit State Surcharge$110.21$154.83$184.40
Electrical Permit State Surcharge$66.80$87.23$117.87
Building Permit Residential$901.85$1431.37$1994.33
Mechanical Permit Residential$318.60$343.75$368.91
Plumbing Permit Residential$918.40$1290.24$1536.64
Electrical Permit Residential$556.64$726.88$982.24
Forestry Residential Permit$613.00$613.00$613.00
Fire - Plan Review$50.00$50.00$50.00
Development Services Fee - Residential$234.46$387.20$549.64
Building Plan Review Processing$369.41$599.00$836.85
Residential Site Inspection - Simple Sites$408.00$408.00$408.00

* Medium New Single Family Residence is based off a new 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom residential project (~2000 square feet).

** Large New Single Family Residence is based off a new 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom residential project (~3500 square feet).

For comprehensive information on fees and our current fee schedules, please refer to our fees and system development charges page.

You may also utilize our Building Permit Fee Estimator to get a better estimate of what fees you might be need to pay for your project.