Today's Residential Inspections Schedule

Inspector reading a residential inspection record card
Find today's inspection schedule. Get information about today's scheduled residential inspections. Learn more about home inspections scheduled for today and get in touch with residential inspectors.
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Current residential inspections process for occupied homes

Due to COVID-19, inspections staff won't go inside occupied homes for inspections. We conduct video inspections of occupied homes using FaceTime, Google Duo or Skype. Learn more about how to prepare for a video inspection. Then, book an inspection online or by phone

Today's residential inspection schedule 

Customers can find Residential Inspection times for the current business day online, daily after 8:00 a.m. Use the Permit Search webpage on Portland Maps after 8:00 am to view inspection times scheduled for today. Searching by IVR number works best.

To learn more, please view the following video. 

Contact an inspector about residential inspections

If you have questions before or after your inspection, you can talk to an inspector.

Learn more about the permits process and the inspections process

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Inspections, COVID-19 and public health guidance  

To protect the health of inspectors, contractors, occupants and the construction industry at-large: 

  • Inspectors may decline or stop an inspection if they see work sites failing to comply with COVID-19 public health guidance.
  • Requirements include maintaining at least six feet of physical distance between people. And, wearing face covers when interacting with others.
  • Please help ensure BDS can continue to perform inspections for your projects on time. Follow the public health guidance that applies to your work sites.

Get information about COVID-19 public health guidance from the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon OSHA. If you have questions about inspections and COVID-19, please call Residential Inspections or email us with any questions.