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Residential Remote Video Re-Inspection Program (RVR)

Learn more about using Skype, Facetime or Google Duo for residential re-inspections and As-built sewer repairs or replacements using the Remote Video Re-inspection Program (RVR).
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Learn more about remote video-re-inspections and types of projects that qualify for re-inspection.

RVR program

The remote video re-inspection program (RVR) is an alternative to on-site inspections. You can make video appointments for residential re-inspections. You can use FaceTime, Google Due or Skype for re-inspection. Learn more about the remote video re-inspection program below and then book an appointment online.

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RVR sewers

The Residential RVR Sewer program allows you to schedule appointments for As-Built sewer repairs/replacements. After sending us the photos and video of your backfilled sewer repair, a Development Services inspector will review and provide instant inspection results for 350 and 399 by email. This guide explains what you need to send us, and how and where to send us the information:

Types of residential projects that qualify for remote video re-inspection 

Projects and repairs with up to five corrections. Some examples include: 

  • Building: Framing corrections (such as missing blocking, straps or nailing), insulation corrections and finals correction (such as missing exterior house numbers, handrails, landings).
  • Electrical: Electrical rough-in corrections, service panel corrections and electrical final corrections (such as verifying required GFCI outlet).
  • Mechanical: Rough-in mechanical corrections, gas line corrections, furnace and AC corrections, final mechanical corrections. 
  • Plumbing: Drain waste, vent and sealing of fixtures.

Requirements for Facetime, Google Duo or Skype re-inspection

  • To participate, customers must use the FaceTime, Google Duo or Skype application on a mobile device to interact with the City inspector. Download and Install Skype (NOT Skype for Business).
  • Mobile device (smartphone, iPad, or other tablet) with reliable data service (4G/LTE internet) OR strong Wi-Fi connection (preferred)
  • Caution: If no Wi-Fi is available cell data is an option. If you have a limited cell data plan your service provider may charge you for data used during the re-inspection.
  • Warning: Older mobile devices or mobile devices with older operating systems and lower resolution cameras may not work properly with the RVR program.
  • If this is your initial registration of Skype through the RVR system, you must set up an Appointment Plus account and/or if you already have one, provide us with your information through our online scheduling tool.
  • RVR will call your FaceTime, Google Duo or Skype account at the requested appointment time. Failure to answer this call will result in a NO ACCESS inspection result.

Scheduling a remote video re-inspection

Use AppointmentPlus to schedule your preferred date and time of your video re-inspection. Preferred Browser(s): Chrome, Firefox, and/or Safari.

Make sure you know your Skype name

Make sure you know your Skype name. Here's how to find it:

  1. In the Skype app, tap or click your profile picture.
  2. Tap or click Skype profile, and your Skype Name will be displayed. 

Client responsibilities 

1. Reliable wireless data service (internet via phone/device provider) or reliable Wi-Fi connection (preferred)

Ensure your inspection location has strong connectivity and your device is always within range of those services around the whole site. Slower and/or weaker connectivity may not provide the speed and clarity required to complete the re-inspection. If this is the case, the inspector may change the re-inspection request status to not-ready, partial, or failed as applicable.

Depending on how your phone is configured you may receive alerts and/or calls during your remote video re-inspection. If you choose to take an outside call before the re-inspection is complete, then the re-inspection may be listed as not-ready, partial or no access as applicable and customer will have to set up another appointment for re-inspection through the web-based calendar application. If the connection is lost during the inspection the Inspector will attempt to re-establish connection for up to 5 minutes after the initial loss of connection. If connection cannot be re-established the inspection result will not be approved. 

2. Prepare for the remote video re-inspection

Prior to scheduling, ensure that the necessary tools are available. For example, flashlight for inspection areas with low light, tape measure to verify length, level, GFCI tester and an approved ladder (for close ups of corrections with limited access), etc.

3. Schedule the remote video re-inspection

  • Returning User to AppointmentPlus – enter your user name and password to schedule re-inspection(s).
  • New User to AppointmentPlus  –  you will be asked to create an account. This account can be used in the future to book and track scheduled inspections. *Note:  New Users to AppointmentPlus will be asked to register your Skype account. If you are requesting multiple re-inspections, please wait for AppointmentPlus to refresh and lock-in each inspection number listed.
  • Locating Skype Name on your phone:
    -Open Skype
    - Tap the  profile picture at top of screen
    - Select Skype profile
    - Under profile you will locate Skype Name – it will begin with -live:
    - Customers can tap the Skype Name and the option to copy will appear. Customer can copy the Skype Name and paste it to the AppointmentPlus form or email it to us if they are having problems filling out the form.

4. Prepare to receive the call

  • Make sure phone or tablet is fully charged.
  • Respond to contact request from RVR program.
  • Be ready to accept video call at the scheduled appointment time. 

Skype instructions 

Skype View Selection in iPhone iOS or Android OS:

  • Authorize camera and mic usage for Skype if / when given the option.
  • Make sure power tools and equipment are not running so that the call audio is clear.
  • Accept the incoming Skype RVR call – Tap green button
  • You should have a view of the City Inspector with the RVR banner behind.
  • Tap the Skype screen to access the tool bar
  • Tap the camera icon to turn on the camera and speakers
  • The screen view should be a full screen image of the City inspector with the RVR program banner behind and your device’s image in the upper right small screen.
  • In the top right-hand corner view of your screen, tap the reverse camera icon. This should activate the forward-facing camera.
  • If your forward-facing camera view is not in full screen mode - touch and drag the icon view from the top right to the middle of the screen until you see a check mark.  You end up with a split screen view. Touch and drag your image to create a small screen in the upper right corner.
  • Be sure to orient your camera to Landscape mode so that the RVR team will see the whole picture during the re-inspection.

5. Start the remote video re-inspection (RVR)

  • Begin re-inspection, displaying the outside entrance of the structure.
  • The address must show in the initial view.
  • Follow the directions of the inspector.
  • Show all required corrections.

6. Remote video re-inspection results

  • Upon completion of the Skype remote video re-inspection the inspector will tell you if the re-inspection is APPROVED. An AppointmentPlus confirmation email will be sent to you as well.
  • The inspector will update RVR results immediately in the permitting system after the Skype call is completed.
  • If the remote video re-inspection is NOT APPROVED – SEE CORRECTIONS - An AppointmentPlus email will be sent addressing the areas needing further improvement. The email will include rescheduling instructions.

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