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Permit revisions through the FIR Program

For FIR registered contractors. The FIR Program permit revision process differs from the regular inspection process. Learn how to apply for a permit revision through the FIR Program.

Reasons for a revision

If there are proposed changes to a project after the permit is issued, revisions are required.


  • Changes to the scope of work
  • The work was done differently than what the approved plans specified
  • The inspector asks for changes

Always consult with your FIR Inspector about requirements for revisions.

When a revision is required

The FIR Inspector may conduct revisions in the field and in such cases, a revision permit is not required.

Depending on the nature of the changes, plan or document reviews may be necessary which will require the creation, review, and issuance of a revision permit.

Permit revision process

If your FIR Inspector decides that a permit revision submittal is necessary, send an email to your FIR Inspector or with the following documents attached:

  • A completed FIR Permit Application. The scope of work and valuation should reflect only the revision. For revisions use the same form as the regular FIR Permit Application.

    Download PDF fileField Issuance Remodel (FIR) Permit Application1.02 MB

  • Plans clearly showing the changes, if applicable
  • Any other required documentation

For paper revision permit submittals, coordinate delivery with your FIR Inspector or FIR Technical Staff.

Plan revisions to the scope of work must be approved by the inspector before work covered under the revision starts. A permit revision must be issued.