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FIR Program Checksheets: Respond to feedback

For FIR registered contractors. The FIR Program plan review feedback process differs from the regular permit process. Learn how to prepare corrected plans and respond to checksheets through the FIR Program.
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If permit documents do not meet code, are missing critical information, or are unclear, plan reviewers will ask for you to make corrections.

You will get this feedback in a document called a checksheet. We will send checksheets by email using the email address on file for the applicant.

Respond to each item on the checksheet. Please be thorough. More information is better.

Changes to plans

  • Keep plan sets complete. If you make changes to drawings, submit a complete set of plans with pages removed, added, or updated.
    • Each new plan set will replace the prior set. Everything included and necessary for prior sets must be retained as part of any subsequent drawing sets.
    • When the permit is issued, the most recent plan set submitted will be the approved set including all the changes in response to every and all checksheets.
  • Only cloud or bubble current changes. Remove clouds or bubbles from previously updated versions of the plans but retain all prior changes.
  • New or modified areas on a drawing. Add a red cloud or bubble around the new area.
  • Adding a new page that did not previously exist. Add a red cloud or bubble around the new page number only. Do not bubble or cloud the entire page.
  • Permanently removed pages. Add “REMOVED” in red text to the page and retain that page in the drawing set.
  • Update plan index. Always include an accurate index reflecting all updates to the plan set.
  • Plan sets in one PDF. Submit the plan set as one (1) PDF, not individual plan pages.

Changes to documents

  • For reference only materials. Label any materials requested by the reviewer but are not intended for construction “For Reference Only.”
  • Calculations and packages. Including geotechnical, structural, truss packages, product information, etc.
    • Supplemental packets provide relevant information in addition to the original packet. In the document name and file name, include the word “Supplemental”.
    • Replacement packets are swapped out with the original packet. In the document name and file name, include the word “Replacement”.

Complete the Checksheet Response Form

Use the Checksheet Response Form on the last page of the checksheet.

  • In the left column, write the checksheet item number you are addressing.
  • In the center column, write the description of the changes made or the inclusion of new required documents.
  • In the right column, write where the changes may be found. For example, if part of a drawing is corrected, write the sheet number where the changes appear.

Include all supporting documents and updated plans.

Checksheets for paper plans

For help with preparing paper plans in response to a checksheet, visit: Checksheet Response: Prepare corrected paper plans for submittal.

Submit your checksheet responses

  • For electronic corrections for the FIR Program, send an email with your checksheet response and required documentation attached to
  • For paper plan responses to checksheets, please coordinate delivery with your FIR Inspector or FIR Technical Staff.
    Do not schedule a drop-off appointment with Permitting Services.

When plans are approved, fees are paid, and the permit is issued, you can start working on your project.